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  1. Wiha T13 1000V Torque Screwdriver Set WHA-40674

    Wiha set 2872 is a high quality, 1000V, German engineered torque screwdriver set aimed at the electrical engineer. Complete with 9 slim fitting bits and a max 5.0Nm drive and drive setting tool.
    £119.95 exc. VAT £143.94 inc. VAT £261.13 inc. VAT
    • DIN EN ISO 6789
    • Manufactured acc. to IEC 60900
    • VDE Rated
  2. Wiha SB 255-13 Non-contact voltage detector WHA-43797

    Wiha SB 255-13 Non-contact voltage detector, used to detect and locate live electrical cabling and wires between 12v and 1000v AC.
    £26.09 excluding VAT £31.31 including VAT @ 20%
    • Clear Transparent Tip
    • Hi/Lo Voltage Detection
    • LED Indication
  3. Wiha Torque QuickCheck Torque Testing Device WHA-42086

    NEW Checking your Wiha torque tool regularly guarantees safe, precise work with the correct torque. LED traffic light system displays results in a way which is quick and easy to understand.
    £139.67 excluding VAT £167.60 including VAT @ 20%
    • Easy Traffic-light Indication
    • Excluisive to Wiha Torque Drivers
    • Field Calibration to 2.8Nm
  4. Wiha speedE electric e-screwdrivers WHA-42266

    Drive with speed, fix with feeling, as the first e-screwdriver from Wiha speedE® promises to halve the time users take to complete their work in the future.
    £201.83 excluding VAT £242.20 including VAT @ 20%
    • Batteries Included
    • Case Included
    • Charger Included
  5. Wiha Tool Set Electrician Competence XXL II WHA-42069

    The Wiha Electrician Competence XXL II portable tool chest. Assorted in case 115-pcs your entire workshop, now you can take it with you!
    £999.95 exc. VAT £1,199.94 inc. VAT £1,985.12 inc. VAT
    • 115 Piece Set
    • Excluisive to Wiha Torque Drivers
    • Wiha SpeedE® Compatible
  6. Wiha speedE II Electric Screwdriver 44318

    NEW The successor to the hugely popular speedE v1 electric screwdriver, new and improved v2 for 2021
    £152.10 exc. VAT £182.52 inc. VAT £211.73 inc. VAT
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Batteries Included
    • Integrated LED Light
  7. Wiha Slimvario 31 Piece Set WHA-43465

    NEW The Wiha Slimvario® precision screwdriver and sockets kit, rated at 1,000V AC complete with workbench style bag. Can be used in conjunction with the Wiha TorqueVario®-S electric tools
    £169.95 exc. VAT £203.94 inc. VAT £326.24 inc. VAT
    • 31 Piece Set
    • Wiha SpeedE® Compatible
    • Case Included
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7 Item(s)

Wiha Tools

There has never been a team with so many exceptional players: the ElectricVario Family by Wiha unites all the fastening tools you need for every challenge in your job. These include many new members to complete the team. The best thing about them: thanks to the countless combination options, you’ll sail through every penalty area and sink each screw. Safe – every insulated tool is tested at 10,000 volts. Health-preserving – its ergonomic design also relieves strain on muscles and joints. Highly efficient – its combining ability means you save valuable time and space. And all in stylish, super-practical sets that make going to work even more fun. In other words, everything exactly as you’ve come to expect from your favourite club, Wiha. There is no two ways about it: with the ElecticVario family, you’re playing in the premier league. Always easy to recognise – with the EVF logo.