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  1. ACT 612 6V 12V Battery Tester

    Take seconds to receive accurate Ampere hour (Ah) capacity results of the most common 6V and 12V lead acid battery types. The ACT 612 simulates a 20 hour (C20) discharge test in seconds!
    £199.95 exc. VAT £239.94 inc. VAT £262.80 inc. VAT
    • Discharge Testing
    • Manufacturer Certificate Included
    • Intelligent Battery Tester
  2. Fluke BT510 Battery Analyser

    The new Fluke 500 Series Battery Analysers for Stationary Battery Systems
    £2,253.60 exc. VAT £2,704.32 inc. VAT £3,004.80 inc. VAT
    • Battery Voltage Test
    • Visual and Audio Feedback
    • Ripple Voltage Test
  3. Fluke BT520 Battery Analyser

    Made for use with stationary and battery backup systems of all types, the BT520 allows the user to see what's happening inside a battery and can test voltage, resistance and ripple voltage
    £2,722.00 exc. VAT £3,266.40 inc. VAT £3,954.00 inc. VAT
    • Probes Included
    • Battery Voltage Test
    • Visual and Audio Feedback
  4. Fluke BT521 Advanced Battery Analyser

    Fluke 500 Series Battery Analyser is ideal for maintenance, troubleshooting and performance testing of individual stationary batteries and battery banks used in critical battery back-up applications
    £2,979.00 exc. VAT £3,574.80 inc. VAT £4,314.00 inc. VAT
    • Battery Voltage Test
    • Visual and Audio Feedback
    • Ripple Voltage Test
  5. Draper FCR-BCT Battery Configuration Tool 81282

    A battery configuration tool for vehicles equipped with start/stop and/or a regenerative braking system.
    £302.50 exc. VAT £363.00 inc. VAT £377.54 inc. VAT
    • Essential Automotive Technicians Tool
    • Advanced Battery Diagnostics
    • Reduce Costly Service Charges
  6. Alber CRT 400 Cellcorder Battery Tester

    Alber CRT-400, lightweight, stylish, rugged and durable. Special features include user-friendly operation, USB and IR data transfer, modem, LCD display, cables and clamps
    £6,200.00 excluding VAT £7,440.00 including VAT @ 20%
    • Cell Resistance Measurement
    • Data Storage
    • Float Voltage Testing
  7. ACT Meters Chrome IBT

    The ACT Chrome is an intelligent battery tester, designed for 12V lead-acid batteries from 1.2Ah to 200Ah. The ACT Chrome accurately measure the available Ah capacity based on the battery's temperature and state of charge.
    £209.00 excluding VAT £250.80 including VAT @ 20%
    • Manufacturer Certificate Included
    • 12V SLA
    • Displays DC Voltage
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7 Item(s)