Calibration Service

ISS calibrate all major brands of test equipment to current industry standards in our own laboratories, giving unequalled turnaround times.
Below is a list of our current standard calibration charges, other services may be available for your equipment such as UKAS standard calibration, please contact us for details.

NEW Calibration booking and collection service*

Why not take advantage of our new service, the quick and easy way to get your equipment to us with the minimum of fuss.
Just give us a few details on our booking form, we can even arrange to have your equipment collected saving you the trip to the post office! (*UK mainland only).
We will calibrate your equipment and have it back to you fast, why not give it a try? Our booking form can be found here.


Electrical Testers
Insulation Continuity Tester £34.95 +VAT
Loop Tester £34.95 +VAT
RCD Tester £34.95 +VAT
Dual Function £20.00 +VAT
Multifunction Tester £58.95 +VAT
Portable Appliance Tester £54.95 +VAT
Earth Resistance Tester £30.00 +VAT
Checkbox £35.00 +VAT
Environmental Testers
Light Meter £30.00 +VAT
Solar Meter £30.00 +VAT
pH £32.00 +VAT
Sound Meter £30.00 +VAT
Environmental Meter £50.00 +VAT
Anemometers (Air Flow) £50.00 +VAT
Infrared Thermometer £30.00 +VAT
Digital Thermometer £30.00 +VAT
Temperature Probes £20.00 +VAT
Thermal Imaging Camera £50.00 +VAT
2 Pole Tester £19.95 +VAT
Proving Unit £19.95 +VAT
3 Phase Rotation Meter £15.00 +VAT
Multimeter £34.95 +VAT
Clamp meters £34.95 +VAT
Scope meters £30.00 +VAT
Oscilloscopes £30.00 +VAT
Chart Recorder £80.00 +VAT
Process Meters £50.00 +VAT
Flash Testers £40.00 +VAT
Loop Calibrator £45.00 +VAT
Battery Tester £15.00 +VAT
C.A.T £35.00 +VAT
Genny £35.00 +VAT
Milliohm Meter £40.00 +VAT
Tachometers £40.00 +VAT
Microwave Leakage Detectors £68.00 +VAT
Gas Analysers Quoted Upon Request
Manometers (0-7 bar) £50.00 +VAT
Pressure Calibrators £80.00 +VAT
Gauge £30.00 +VAT


Fully traceable to international standards and full calibration certification give you the peace of mind that your tester meets the current legislation.

How to get your tester calibrated:

Step 1: Refer to the above calibration price list to find the current cost to calibrate your tester. (If your tester is not listed please contact us to receive a quote)

Step 2: Send your tester to us at the address below. Please make sure the below information is supplied in the box, preferably on headed paper:

  • Name and address
  • Contact information (telephone, e-mail and mobile)
  • A list of the testers you are sending
  • Any additional notes or requests

Please make sure that the information in step 2 is provided as failure to supply us with your contact details will almost certainly delay your equipment being returned to you.

Step 3: That’s it! We will contact you for payment once the tester has passed calibration. We will then send the tester back to your desired address.

If your tester fails calibration we will contact you with a quote for any repair work needed.

Please send your testers to:

Instrument Sales and Services
Unit 2 Diamond Point
Diamond Road

If you have any questions regarding the status of your calibration or need any additional services like UKAS accreditation please contact us.


Credit/Return of calibrated goods

Please be aware that should you require to return newly purchased goods for refund, the cost of calibration certificates generated by us will not be credited.
The cost of time and materials producing calibration certificates cannot be recovered and therefore will be deducted from your refunded payment at their face value.
We will issue you with a written confirmation that the certificates in question have been terminated.




Manufacturer Calibration Certificate VS Full traceable calibration certificate from 


Manufacturer Calibration Certificate

This is a calibration certificate offered by the manufacturer supplied with the tester.
This is also known as an end-of-line certificate or manufacturer’s certificate. These certificates vary depending on the manufacturer and product. They will not have your company's name on them and don’t always show proven test results. 
Products that are supplied with a Manufacturer certificate can be identified by the key feature:  Manufacturer Certificate Included


Full traceable calibration certificate from

This is a calibration certificate created by us at ISS. This is a fully traceable calibration certificate to National and International standards, the instruments used in our calibration lab are themselves calibrated to UKAS standards. The certificate will show your companies details, tester information, proven test results and the equipment used to carry out the test. Nearly 90% of all calibrations we do are done in-house in one of our many fully equipped laboratories. You can add this service to your order on the product page before you checkout and we offer this service free of charge on many of our products. 




ISS Exclusive Calibration Voucher card is proud to offer our calibration voucher cards. These calibration voucher cards are given away on select products. When you purchase any of our testers with the offer, you will be supplied with a free calibration voucher card. This card entitles you to a free calibration on any 17th or 18th edition electrical tester.


     How to Claim Your Free Calibration:

  • Send your tester, the voucher card and your contact details to our head office in Norwich. You can find our address under the contacts tab.
  • Your tester will be calibrated and returned free of charge to your desired delivery address. 




  The voucher card can only be redeemed by returning the physical card to us. Lost voucher cards cannot be redeemed under any circumstances. If you are wondering if your purchase is eligible for calibration promotion, please contact us.