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Ordering Internationally


ISSWWW a Pioneer in electrical test equipment sales and service

For over 25 years Instrument Sales & Services has been supplying leading brand instrumentation to all market sectors and we are amongst the UKs leading suppliers of test equipment and associated services.
We undoubtedly carry stock in excess of the industry norm and this, coupled with our extensive knowledge and expertise in the servicing and calibration of equipment helps to maintain our reputation as a quality supplier to trade, industry and public sectors.
Order your equipment for international dispatch safe in the knowledge that ISSWWW can provide you the equipment you need at the best prices with great shipping flexibility.

Services Offered

International Carrier

  • Once payment has been received and any relevent formalities governing shipping to your country have been satisfied, your goods will be dispatched promptly by our international carrier.
  • Alternatively you can arrange collection from one of our three locations accross the UK, pending the items are in stock and available for export.
    Details of our locations are available here.

V.A.T (Value Added Tax)

Below is a guide to circumstantial VAT payments and requirements. This guide is not exhaustive and may be subject to change without notice by governments and/or legislatory bodies. If you have a question regarding VAT on your order please contact us via the methods at the foot of this page.

VAT will apply to all tranactions under the following circumstances:

  • If we ship to your destination outside the EU (European Union) then NO VAT payment is due. This applies aslo to the invoicing destination, if your goods are shipped outside the UK but invoiced to an address WITHIN the UK then VAT payment will be due.
  • If you require goods to be shipped to an iterim desination within the UK to be forwarded to any other destination, then VAT payment will be due.
  • Goods that are collected from us will be automatically subject to VAT payment, irrespective of the invoicing address.

VAT registered orders:

  • If you are a VAT registered business and goods will ship cross border to an address inside the EU then no VAT payment will be due. You will need to provide us with your full VAT number and country of registration clearly stated on your order.

Non VAT registered orders:

  • If you are NOT VAT registered and we ship to a destination inside the EU, VAT payment will be due.

Shipping Charges:

We accept payments for all goods/services in £ GBP only.

Shipping charges will vary according to destination, size and weight of the parcel and the transport costs/surcharges ruling at the time.
This means that all international delivery charges are calculated on a case-by-case basis and may well differ even day to day.
we require each international order inquiry to be completed in this way to account for pricing disparities hat may be imposed on us, before we can accurately quote you for the service required.

Below is a table of our service destinations (surface) with estimated charges subject to shipment specific factors to be confirmed.
If you require shipping to a destination not specified here, please call us free on 0800 0224 060 to discuss your requirements.
If you require air freight or palletised delivery please call us free on 0800 0224 060 to discuss your requirements.
We will issue a pro-forma invoice upon reciept of your order which must be satisfied in full along with any relevant clearances before your order is processed for dispatch.

ISSWWW International Shipping Rates [ESTIMATED] via DPD
Destination Transit Time (Days) Inv Required + Customs Charge (GBP) Price (GBP) + VAT (Current Rate)
Austria 3 N 0 18.00 Y
Belgium 2 N 0 15.00 Y
Bosnia 4-7 Y 30.00 52.75 N
Bulgaria 4-7 N 0 52.75 Y
Croatia 4-6 N 0 45.00 Y
Czech Republic 3-4 N 0 27.00 Y
Denmark 3 N 0 18.00 Y
Estonia 4-5 N 0 45.00 Y
Finland 4-5 N 0 45.00 Y
France 2-3 N 0 15.00 Y
Germany 2-3 N 0 15.00 Y
Greece 4-9 N 0 52.75 Y
Hungary 4 N 0 45.00 Y
Iceland 4-6 Y 30.00 52.75 N
Italy 3-4 N 0 27.00 Y
Latvia 4-6 N 0 52.75 Y
Lithuania 4-6 N 0 52.75 Y
Luxembourg 2 N 0 15.00 Y
Netherlands 2 N 0 15.00 Y
Norway 4-6 Y 30.00 52.75 N
Poland 4 N 0 45.00 Y
Portugal 4-5 N 0 45.00 Y
Romania 4-6 N 0 52.75 Y
Serbia 4-7 Y 30.00 52.75 N
Slovakia 3-4 N 0 27.00 Y
Slovenia 4-5 N 0 45.00 Y
Spain 3-4 N 0 27.00 Y
Sweden 4-5 N 0 45.00 Y
Switzerland 3 Y 30.00 18.00 N
Ukraine 6-9 Y 0 52.75 N

Restricted Goods/Destinations:

Please be aware that some goods are export restricted by either a manufacturer and/or current legislation. There may also be a customs restriction on certain goods/destinations. These goods will be available for dispatch within the United Kingdom only and will therefore be subject to VAT payment.
If the goods you are requesting fall into this category we will advise and offer suitable alternative goods or services if applicable.

Operating Voltage and Frequency:

Please be aware that the majority of the equipment that we hold in stock is intended for the United Kingdom market and as such has an operating voltage/frequency of 220-240v AC with a 50Hz frequency.
Some but not all equipment carries European 2 pin power adaptors/mains cords and most equipment will be factory fittedwith a standard UK 13A power cord and plug top.
The inclusion of an alternative power cord or adaptor does not automatically ensure compatability with your intended electrical supply.
Instrument Sales and Services will not be held responsible for the failure of, or damage to of any equipment that is connected to an incompatible power source.
It is the sole responsibility of the customer to determine the final suitablility of the goods in all respects with regard to their inteded electrical supply, use and location.
Any eqipment that is returned to us from outside the United kingdom will be automatically subject to a manufacturers inspection, specifically with regard to an electrical supply that has been connected to it.

If you would like to discuss an export sale please contact us via one of the following:

Email: Kindly mark your inquiry 'export or International' 
Telephone: +44 1603 406148
Please note we are an English speaking office only

Instrument Sales and Services reserve the right to ammend displayed charges and/or service details without notice at any time.
VAT (Value Added Tax) will be charged at the current ruling VAT rate and is subject to the terms as specified above, the VAT rate is not negotiable or waivable.