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Emlite MP22 RFID Pre-Payment Card Electricity Meter

The MP22 RFID pre-payment card meter uses secure 'contactless payment' style cards. An ideal solution for Landlords, Caravan parks etc

Next Day Delivery (subject to availability)

£132.00 including VAT @ 20% £110.00 excluding VAT
  • 100 Amp Rated
  • Debt Collection Feature
  • MID Approved
  • Multi Tarriff
  • RFID Pre-payment Card
  • Single Phase
  • Standing Charge Feature
  • Timer Function
  • FreeDelivery
  • 30DayMoneyBack
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Emlite MP22 RFID Pre-Payment Card Electricity Meter

Pre-payment the modern way with secure rechargeable payment cards

The MP22 RFID is a new Pre-payment card  electricity meter that has been designed to replace the reconditioned Ampy 5028A and 5188 meters that are currently available. The MP22 is a newer version of the Emlite MP22 meter. This is the only MID certified card pre-payment meter available in today’s market. Using RFID technology (Radio-frequency identification), the credit from the pre-payment cards are transferred without the requirement to insert the card.This is a modern and ideal solution for Caravan Parks, Marinas and Rental Property.

The cards for this meter are re-usable and for small users (50 or less) we can recharge the cards at a small fee. For large users (50+) we can supply the Desktop Charger and software to allow you to recharge your own cards.

This meter is designed to be used for the control of the electricity supply in utility or secondary metered sites such as holiday and landlord accommodation. The meter is fully approved to the European metering standard, MID (Metering Instruments Directive). The meter is therefore tested and approved as accurate for billing purposes. The meter may also be used as a time controller.


Key Features:

  • Pre-Payment Functionality
  • MID B+D certified
  • 2 Rate Tariff Option
  • Friendly Non-Disconnect Times
  • Emergency Credit Function
  • Standing Charge Option
  • Debt Recovery Option
  • Optional ‘Timer Mode’
  • Unique Card Codes to Prevent Fraud
  • Recharegeable payment cards

The meter is programmed by using a programming card in conjunction with the red and blue buttons at the top of the meter. 
The programming function allows the energy prices and standing charge to be set, whilst a debt collection facility enables 
a pre-set amount to be collected daily.


Emlite MP22 RFID Pre-payment meter


The total amount for collection is programmed and the meter will reduce this each 
day by collecting monies from the remaining credit balance. Additional card types are available to support a variety of 
functions including new tenancy and servicing. Please contact your supplier for further information. An electronic display 
indicates the amount of credit remaining on the meter.

This display is also used when programming energy prices, and 
other meter settings. The grey push button next to the display allows the tenant / user to cycle through a set of displays 
showing usage totals, charges, etc. A timer mode allows the meter to be used for the control of appliances and services 
where the “on” time is set using a top up card that adds a time determined by the value of the card.

The amount of time added for a given card value can be programmed to a maximum value of 23h 59m per £/€1. When energy 
is being consumed the red LED light below the display flashes 1000 times for every 1kWh used, or if no energy is being consumed is on permanently.

The meter has rechargeable top up cards at values of 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50. The cards work with RFID “contactless” technology; hold the card against the top left hand corner of the meter to apply the credit. The cards come charged with a single use available, once the value has been transferred to the meter, the card itself will need returning to the meter supplier for recharging


RFID Card options


The meter’s default display shows the amount of credit or debt remaining to the user. For example: Cr 3.50 means a credit of £3.50 (or €3.50) is remaining. In timer mode the default display is the time remaining, or “OFF” when the timer has expired. When a top up card is introduced to and accepted by the meter, the card’s value is added to the meter’s credit, and the display momentarily shows Card XX (where XX is the card value), before returning to show the remaining credit or debt.


Emergency Credit Function

If the end-user is unable to purchase new cards and the credit level falls below £/€1.00, they can press the “Emergency Credit A” button (red) and this will provide them with £/€3.00 credit. An ‘E’ will appear on the display indicating emergency credit has been added. Once the end-user has used all of the £/€3.00 emergency credit, the meter will disconnect the supply. Once the supply has been disconnected, the meter will show “dt 3.00E” indicating that the £/€3.00 of emergency credit will need to be added prior to the meter reconnecting the supply. Using the minimum value card, £/€5.00 will be added to the meter, £/€3.00 will be deducted, and the end-user will be left with £/€2.00 credit. The emergency credit function will now be restored. £/€3.00 is the default Emergency Credit value, this cannot be changed using the programming card. You can request that your meter supplier pre-sets it to a different value before purchasing, or alternatively you can purchase a Rate Setting card.


Spares and Accessories:

  • Emlite USB Contactless Card Charger & Software

  • Emlite RFID Pre-payment cards in multiples of 100

  • Emlite RFID Pre-payment cards in multiples of 1000

 MP22 RFID Pre-Payment Card Electricity Meter

 Voltage  Nominal Voltage 220-240V, 276V max
Voltage Withstand 415V Continuously
 Frequency Nominal Frequency  50Hz, variation ±5% 
 Current Basic Current (Iref) 5, 10, 15 & 20A
Maximum (Imax) 100A 
 Accuracy Active Energy  Class B, to EN 50470 1-3
Reactive Energy   Class 2, to IEC 62053-23
 Temperature Range  -25°C to +55°C
 Ingress Protection  IP52, to BS EN 60529
 Terminal Arrangement  BS7856
 Main Terminal Size  8.2mm
 Terminal Construction  Solid Brass

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