Chauvin Arnoux PEL104 Energy Logger P01157154

£2,262.00 £1,885.00
The Chauvin Arnoux PEL104 power logger measures and records all the useful data for energy consumption diagnostics. The PEL104 can be used without cutting off the mains power supply.
  • Analyse voltages up to 1000V AC/DC
  • Analyse current up to 10000 A
  • 8 GB SD memory card supplied
  • Self powering via the phase
  • Current up to 10 kA AC or 5 kA DC
  • Split phase - three phase - with or without neutral
  • Real-time PC communication
  • Report Generation
  • FREE Dataview Software (Full Version)
  • User-defined limit alarm and event log with email alerts
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