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TPI 716 Flue Gas Analyser Kit 5

The TPI 716 Flue Gas Analyser Kit is a state of the art, easy to use analyser. Complete with IR printer, pipe clamps, probe kit and plug in gas sniffer

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  • Optional bluetooth interface
  • Built-in manometer
  • Data Logging
  • Multiple gas detection
  • Printer Included
  • Pipe Clamps Included
  • Probe Kit Included
  • Plug In Gas Sniffer Included
  • FreeDelivery
  • 30DayMoneyBack
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  • Features & Specification
  • Resources
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TPI Model 716 Flue Gas Analyzer (Kit 5)


Compare & Save with the TPI 716 Flue Gas Analyser. All the great features of the TPI 709R plus the ability to take & record a Timed Let By/Tightness Test and Timed CO 
Build Up Test using new Menu Driven Interface which also allows for super quick start-up by eliminating the need to perform an initial purge period. The 716 has a large 
capacity pump with visible flow rate on screen and a Calibration Due Countdown amongst many other great features!

With USB connectivity & PC software as standard plus the ability to upgrade NOW or LATER to have such features as NO/NOx, High CO, Plug-In Leak Sniffer or Bluetooth 
the TPI 716 really is the only piece of kit you’ll need no matter what the job entails.

  • Various other kits available including IR Printer, Temperature Pipe Clamps, CPA1 Probes & Gas Leak Detector
  • Print “Live” or “Stored” readings to optional A740 IR Printer
  • Six Year Warranty: Long Life O2 & CO sensors meaning lower servicing costs during a 6 Year Warranty Period*. Saving TIME & MONEY in cost of ownership during annual servicing!


The TPI 716 Flue Gas Analyzer (Kit 5) Comes Supplied With:

  • TPI 716 Analyzer
  • Rubber Boot (A765) 1 each installed on analyzer
  • Soft Carrying Case (A768) - 1 each
  • Flue Sampling Probe (A770) - 1 each
  • In-Line Filter / Water Trap installed on Flue probe (A796) - 1 each
  • Disc water filter installed in water trap (A794W) - 1 each
  • Temperature Probe (GK11M) - 1 each
  • Battery Charger (A766) - 1 each
  • Mini Pump Protection Filter Assembly (A763) - 1 each
  • Exhaust Spigot Removable (A764) - 1 each
  • Pressure Tubing (A774) - 1 each 6’ piece
  • Static Pressure Tips (A776) - 2 each
  • 1/4” barbed to 1/8” NPT fitting (A603) - 2 each
  • Gas Valve Adapter (A611) - 1 each
  • Instruction Manual

  • TPI A740 Infra Red Printer
  • 2 X CK21M Pipe Clamps
  • 716-Leak Plug-In Gas Sniffer
  • CPA1 Sampling Probe Set


Quick and Simple Setup:

All TPI analyzers feature quick and simple set up. Fast purge and the ability to perform fuel selectionduring start up enable tests to be performed quickly without requiring extra set-up time after initial startup. TPI analyzers also use the last selected fuel as the default setting. This feature prevents the need toperform fuel selection every time the analyzer is turned on.

Using TPI analyzers to determine combustion efficiency at the time of equipment set up minimizes call backs and can be used to verify to the home owner the value of service work by showing the increase in equipment efficiency after work is performed. Efficiency calculation can also be used to generate business by demonstrating the need to improve the efficiency of equipment or to show the benefit of purchasing new equipment with higher efficiency.


The Benefits:

  • Built-in differential manometer with 0.001” H2O resolution 
  • Calculates combustion efficiency 
  • Data Logging with time and date stamp 
  • Will not shut off if 15 ppm CO is present for increased safety 
  • Communicate to a PC via the USB interface 
  • Optional A740 IR printer available for hard copies of test results
  • Built-in differential thermometer
  • Store function to save up to 10 readings
  • Pump driven for fast response
  • Push on fittings for fast and easy use
  • Large easy to read backlit display
  • Ten selectable fuels

Key Features:

  • Measure CO, O2 & Flue Temperature
  • Calculate CO2, CO/CO2 Ratio, Efficiency & Excess Air
  • Dual Input Differential Manometer – Great for performing Standing Pressure or Let By/Tightness Tests
  • Dual Input Differential Thermometer – Ideal for measuring & recording Flow & Return Temperatures
  • Ambient CO Analysis
  • 6 Year Warranty* (* subject to annual service being carried out each year by TPI or one of its approved local service centres)
  • Diagnostic software & technical helpline combine to save time and money on reduced downtime as many of the reported faults can be rectified over the phone keeping you and your instrument working
  • Unique external water trap filtration system as standard on all kit options preventing loss of downtime or additional costs due to potentially damaged sensors caused by water ingress
  • 10 Fuel options including Wood, Light & Heavy Oil, LPG and Natural Gas
  • Will not shut off if CO ppm is above 15ppm for increased safety for both the user and the instrument
  • Unique in-line pump protection filter fitted as standard across all kits preventing loss of downtime or additional costs due to a potentially damaged pump caused by dust/dirt ingress
  • Protective rubber boot as standard to protect the FGA
  • Re-Chargeable battery housed in a separate compartment ensuring no heat transfer when using on the mains to affect gas readings
  • All kits come supplied in a soft carry case to protect not only the FGA but all of your accessories
  • Capability of sending Live or Stored readings to an optional IR Printer
  • Calibration Due Countdown from 25 days out to remind you of when your next service is due
  • Serial number & calibration date at the bottom of each print out
  • Quick start (no 30 second countdown) from switch on to take temperature & pressure readings
  • Optional plug-in gas sniffer for gas escape tests if necessary after performing a let by/tightness test
  • Regulated internal pump monitored constantly to ensure a steady flow rate through the FGA giving better repeatability of readings over time
  • View internal pump speed on the screen
  • Transfer Live or Stored readings to a PC using the USB cable and software supplied as Standard or Upgrade to Bluetooth to transfer this information wirelessly
  • Large graphical display with the option of 4 or 8 lines or readings displayed
  • Menu driven operating system to quickly move around to your favourite features

TPI A740 Infrared Printer:

The TPI A740 infra red linked thermal printer enables the test results obtained during combustion analysis to be instantly printed.



  • Self test at power on
  • Adjustable contrast
  • Uses common thermal paper
  • Manual paper advance
  • 3 year warranty

Model A740 Specifications

  • Maximum Transmitting Distance 18 inches (45cm)
  • Maximum Horizontal Receiving Angle ?30?
  • Vertical Receiving Angle -10? to + 20?
  • Battery Power 4 x 1.5V Alkaline battery
  • Adapter DC 7V / 1500mA, 50Hz, 240V (CE)
  • DC 9V / 1A, 60Hz, 120V (CUL)
  • Paper A746
  • Operating Temperature 32? to 122?F (0? to 50?C)
  • Operating Humidity 5% to 80% RH
  • Storage Temperature 14? to 140?F (-10? to 60?C)


TPI CK21M Temperature Pipe Clamp (Pair):

The CK21M Temperature Pipe Clamp (Pair) is used to take hand free temperature readings on pipework to assist with flow and return adjustments.

Temperature Range

  • -50 to 250°C
  • -58F to 482°F
  • Max Jaw Opening 30mm / 1.2"
  • Nominal Jaw Opening 19mm / 0.75"
  • Lead Length 1m / 39.4"
  • Polyurethane


CPA1 Sampling Probe Set:

Designed to be used on a range of open flued, room sealed and flueless appliances.
Consists of Right Angled Probe w/ 5 Sampling Holes, Cooker Probe w/ Supporting Discs, Straight Probe, Tubing & Water Trap Bowl.
Use this kit to sample combustion products from cookers, grills & flueless appliances as described in BS7967:2005


TPI 716-Leak Plug-In Gas Sniffer:

The combustible gas leak detector is a simple to use, plug-in accessory for use with the TPI 716 flue gas analyser. The detector enables small combustible gas leaks to be pin-pointed quickly with a gieger counter style click and visual bar graph indication.

Note: It is a gas leak detector to pin-point small combustible gas leaks and does not MEASURE gas concentrations.


TPI 716 Bluetooth Upgrade and Stream Android App

All 716 models come with USB data transfer as standard for live or stored readings. Customers have the option to ugrade the communication protocol to Bluetooth by means of a factory fitted Bluetooth module. This can can be installed during a TPI factory calibration or maintenance at the cost of £75.00+VAT.
Exixting users wishing to upgrade to Bluetooth outside this period may do so, but will incure additional carriage charges. Please speak to us if you require this service.

New! 716 TPI Stream Android App for use with optional Bluetooth upgrade. 716 TPI Stream allows a gas engineer’s Android device to interact with Bluetooth-enabled TPI 716 Flue Gas Analyser devices. Please use the download link below to access or examine the TPI Stream App Data Sheet in our Resources section for more information.
TPI Stream Androin App on Google Play Store 

Spares and Accessories:

Two maintenance kits are available for TPI Gas/Oil analysers. The A796-KO is ideally suited to engineers testing oil appliances and includes oil filter, one water membrane filter and a pack of ten particle filters.

Spares kit A796-KG is a more greneralised service kit including two disc water membrane filters and a pack of ten particle filters.

Please select these should you wish to purchase them in the product options above.



The TPI 716 conforms to EN50379 and is suitable for engineers working with BS7967, the usage standard.

Serial Number & Next Cal Due Date are printed at the bottom of each print-out ensuring that you always know your readings have been taken with the correct 
in-calibration flue gas analyser giving you complete peace of mind.

HHIC: The Heating & Hotwater Industry Council made a recommendation that from April 2013 that the CO level & CO/CO2 (Ratio) reading in a flue is recorded when a boiler is commissioned and that this practise become mandatory from April 2014.

The recording of the CO level and Ratio reading will become a mandatory part of completing the Benchmark Form.

Combustion Performance Analysis (CPA1): From April 2012 it has been compulsory for all engineers to acquire CPA1 Assessment to prove their competency in using a Flue Gas Analyser.


  TPI 716 Standards

TPI 716 Flue Gas Analyser Specifications

 Operating Temperature Range  14°F to +122°F (-10°C to +50°C)
 Battery / Batery Life  Rechargeable Ni-MH / > 6 Hours
 Charger Input Voltage  115V or 230V : 50/60 Hz AC
 Fuels  Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Bituminous Coal,
 Anthracite Coal, Coke, Butane, Wood, Bagasse
 Units of Pressure  mbar, kPa and inH2O
 Display  8 line graphical LCD Backlit
 Data Storage  100 sets of readings
 Time and Date  24 Hour Real Time Clock
Dimensions  7.8” x 3.5” x 2.4”
Weight  1.1lbs
 Conforms to  EN50379
Flue Temperature Probe
Construction Pistol Grip with Stainless Steel Shaft
Hose Length 8.2’ (2500mm)
Insertion Length 7.9” (200mm)
'K' Type Thermocouple Accuracy +/- 0.3% of fullscale, +/- 2°F (1°C
Maximum Temperature 1472°F (800°C)
Pressure Management
Selectable Ranges mbar, psi, inH2O, mmH2O, kPa, hPa, inHg, mmHg, mH2O
Range – 100 mbar to + 100 mbar
-10 kPa to + 10 kPa
-40 inH2O to 40 inH2O
Resolution 0.001 mbar (0~9.999 mbar)
0.01 mbar (10.00~99.99 mbar)
Accuracy < 5 mbar: +/- 0.05 mbar
> 5 mbar: +/- 1% of reading
 Gases  Range  Resolution  Accuracy
 Oxygen  0-25%  0.1%  +/- 0.3%
 Carbon Monoxide  0-10,000 ppm  1 ppm  +/- 5 ppm or 5%
 Carbon Dioxide  0-25%  0.1%  Calculated
 CO/CO2 Ratio  0-0.999  0.001  Calculated
 Combustion Eff.  0-100%  Resolution  Calculated
Gas Leak Sensor *If Fitted 100-10,000ppm (calibrated to methane) 
Temperature Measurement
Input Type K-Type thermocouple
Range -58°F to 2372°F (-50°C to 1300°C)*
Resolution 1°F (1°C)
Accuracy +/- (0.3% of rdg + 2°F) or +/- (0.3% of rdg + 1°C)

Delivery Notices

Updated March 2021

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