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KANE International 975 Flue Gas Analyser

NEW KANE975 Latest Flue Gas Analyser technology with options for up to 7 gas measurements CO (0-10,000 ppm), CO2, O2, NO, NO2, SO2 & H2S

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  • Android and iOS compatable
  • Display 4 simultaneous parameters
  • Intuative interface
  • iOS/Android Dual Compatibility
  • IR Printer link
  • Large full colour display
  • Options for up to 7 gas types
  • Over-range protection
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  • 30DayMoneyBack
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KANE International 975 Flue Gas Analyser

Latest Flue Gas Analyser technology with options for up to 7 gas measurements CO (0-10,000 ppm), CO2, O2, NO, NO2, SO2 & H2S

KANE975 Comes Supplied With:

  • Analyser
  • Probe
  • Pressure connectors
  • Charger
  • Quick reference guide
  • Calibration report
  • Heavy duty case

Key Features:

  • Low energy wireless module
  • Infra-red printer link with customised printer header
  • Logs & stores up to 8000 test results for easy transfer to Android
  • Long life battery recharged in situ
  • High suction double headed pump, ideal for high stack pressure in large chimneys
  • Supplied with Teflon lined flue probe
  • Heavy duty waterproof case with custom foam insert
  • Built in over-range protection
    • Prevents sensor damage
  • Intuitive user keypad and buttons
    • For ease of use
  • Large full colour graphic display
  • Customise to suit your requirement
  • Gas Trend Screens
    • Display up to 4 parameters simultaneously ideal for long term monitoring


  • O2 0-21%
  • CO 0-10,000ppm (hydrogen compensated)
  • Differential pressure
  • Temperature - inlet / flue gas / differential / ambient

* Choose up to 5 additional sensors

    • CO 0-10%
    • CO2 0-20%
    • NO 0-5,000ppm
    • NO 2 0-1,000ppm
    • SO 2 0-100ppm
    • SO 2 0-5,000ppm
    • H2S 0-200ppm


  • CO2 - 0-99%
  • CO/CO2 ratio
  • Excess air
    • NOx (if NO sensor fitted)
  • Combustion efficiency

Fuel Types:

  • Natural Gas (x2)
  • Wood Pellets
  • Kinsale Gas
  • Heavy oil
  • LPG
  • Coal
  • Town Gas
  • Bio Gas
  • Gascor
  • Propane
  • User fuel (x5)
  • Anthracite
  • LPG
  • Butane
  • Coke
  • 28 sec oil

Typical Applications:

  • Installation, commissioning & servicing of industrial/commercial oil, gas or biomass appliances
  • Safety checks
    • CO in a room or around an appliance
  • Combustion performance checks
  • Combustion efficiency checks
  • Flue Draught

Sensor Options:

Additiol sensors below can be ordered via the check boxes at the top of the page.
*Important please note that it is not possible to combine sensors 2 and 4 in the same unit. Orders for units that combine these sensor options will be referred back to the originator.

  • 1   H2S 0-200ppm
  • 2   High range CO sensor instead of standard CO sensor
  • 3   NO 2 sensor in place of any other toxic gas sensor
  • 4   SO 2 sensor in place of any other toxic gas sensor
  • 5   CO 2 Infra-red sensor: range 0-20%

ISSWWW and KANE International

Since 1963, Kane International Ltd has been in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, and has a long history and broad experience designing and manufacturing portable test equipment.

Kane International is the UK’s foremost manufacturer and supplier of hand-held exhaust emissions testers and portable test equipment. Kane’s design, engineering and manufacturing skills have created a range of highly sought-after portable equipment meeting the highest standards of testing and conformity. Their customers range across Commercial and Domestic Heating Engineers, Automotive Technicians to Electrical Engineers.
Specialist Instrument Services bring you the complete range of KANE products and services and also offer both industry standard traceable and UKAS calibration if required.

Temperature / Pressure MeasurementResolutionAccuracyRange
Flue Temperature 0.1°C ±1°C -50 - 1200°C with suitable probe
Inlet Temperature 0.1°C ±1°C 0 - 50°C
Pressure 0.1mbar ±0.5% full scale 150 mbar
Gas Measurement*1ResolutionAccuracyRange
Oxygen 0.1% ±0.3% 0-25%
Carbon Monoxide
H2 compensated
1ppm ±5ppm < 100ppm
±20ppm < 400ppm
±5% > 400ppm - 2000ppm
±10% > 2000ppm - 10000ppm

10000 - 20000ppm for 15 mins
Carbon Monoxide
High Range (optional)
0.01% ±5% of reading from 0.1% to 10% 0 - 10%
Hydrogen Sulphide 1ppm ±5ppm < 100ppm
±5% > 100ppm
Nitric Oxide
1ppm ±5ppm < 100ppm
±5% > 100ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide
1ppm ±5ppm < 100ppm
±10ppm < 500ppm
±5ppm > 500ppm
0 - 1000ppm
Sulpher Dioxide
1ppm ±5ppm < 100ppm
±5% > 100ppm
0 - 5000ppm
Carbon Dioxide
Infra-red (optional)
0.1% ±0.3% reading 0 - 20%
Carbon Dioxide*2 0.1% ±0.3% reading 0 - 99.9%
Losses*2 0.1% ±1.0% of reading 0 - 99.9%
Efficiency*2 0.1% ±1.0% of reading 0 - 120%
Excess Air*2 0.1% ±0.2% 0 - 2885.0%
Temp (Nett)*2 1.0°C/F ±2°C ±0.3% reading 0 - 1200°C/32 - 2200°F
CO/CO2 ratio*2 0.0001 ±0.0001 0 - 0.9999
Poison Index*2 0.01% ±0.01 0 - 99.99
Pre-programmed Fuels Natural Gas (x2), Town Gas, Gascor, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Propane, Butane, Anthracite, Coke, Coal, Kinsale Gas, User Fuel (x5)

240mm x 165 x 65
Dia 8mm with 285mm long stainless steel shaft, type K thermocouple & 3m long neoprene hose
Ambient Operating Range -5°C to +50°C/10% to 90% RH non condensing
Power Supply (battery charger) Input: 110Vac/220 Vac nominal
Output 12 Vac off load
Battery Life >6 hours from full charge

*1 Using dry gases at STP
*2 Calculated

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