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Chauvin Arnoux PEL104 Energy Logger P01157154

NEW The Chauvin Arnoux PEL104 power logger measures and records all the useful data for energy consumption diagnostics. The PEL104 can be used without cutting off the mains power supply.

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£2,100.00 excluding VAT £2,520.00 including VAT @ 20%
  • AC and/or DC voltages up to 1,000 V
  • Analogue measurements
  • Android real time monitoring
  • Cost Calculation Function
  • GPRS, Bluetooth and Ethernet Connectivity
  • Measure power factor
  • Measurements on motors
  • RMS and DC measurements
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  • 30DayMoneyBack
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Chauvin Arnoux PEL104 Energy Logger P01157154

The PEL104 power logger measures and records all the useful data for energy consumption diagnostics.
The PEL104 can be used without cutting off the mains power supply.

The PEL104 Energy Logger is also available with included MA194-350 MiniFlex Clamps, please make your selection from the drop-down menu above.

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PEL104 Comes Supplied With:

  • 1 x PEL104 Energy Logger
  • 4 x Black safety leads, 3m, banana-banana, straight-straight attached by a Velcro tie.
  • 4 x Black crocodile clips
  • 1x Type A-B USB cord 1.5m. 
  • 1 x Mains cord 1.5m 
  • 1 x PEL adapter (PEL104)
  • 1 x Carrying bag.
  • 12 x Set of inserts and rings for marking the leads and current sensors according to phase.
  • 1 x 8 GB SD-card (in the instrument).
  • 1 x USB SD-Card adapter.
  • 1 x Checking attestation. 
  • 1 x Multilingual safety data sheet.
  • 1 x Quick start guide.

PEL Series Applications:

  • Ideal for all types of electrical cabinets and Low Voltage installations
  • Implementation without cutting off the mains power supply
  • Recording duration up to several months or years
  • Breakdown of energy losses
  • Characterization of electric motors

Key Features:

The PEL10x power and energy loggers perform the following measurements:

  • RMS and DC measurements with 128 samples/cycle – simultaneously on each phase
  • AC and/or DC voltages up to 1,000 V
  • Analogue measurements
  • Measurements on motors
  • Self-powering via the phase
  • Current up to 10 kA AC or 5 kA DC (depending on the current sensor).
  • The PEL100 models offer a wider measurement range by using voltage and current ratios (up to 650,000 V / 25,000 A)
  • Power values from 10 W/var/VA to 10 GW/Gvar/GVA
  • Energy values up to 4 EWh / 4 EVAh / 4 Evarh & total energy (4 quadrants)
  • Breakdown of energy losses
  • Characterization of electric motors
  • Phase data: cos φ, tan Φ, power factor (PF)
  • Crest factor 
  • THD calculation for currents and voltages 
  • Harmonics up to the 50th order for currents and voltages 
  • DC, 50 Hz, 60 Hz and 400 Hz measurements
  • Recording of the measurements and calculation results on the SD card
  • Automatic recognition of the type of sensors connected
  • Numerous network types supported: split-phase, three-phase with or without neutral, etc.
  • Communications: USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wifi, GSM 3G, GPRS
  • Software for data transfer, real-time communication with a PC and report generation


Portable, rugged and compact, its magnetized casing makes it easy to set up, including in an electrical cabinet. The PEL104 is a logger equipped with 3 voltage channels and 3 current channels. No more battery problems, as the logger self-powers directly via the phase by means of the accessory included.
The backlit LCD screen equipped with a triple digital display is particularly easy to read.
The PEL 104 is equipped with an SD card capable of storing several years' data, an ideal function for measurement campaigns.


Suitable for all types of electrical networks, the PEL104 automatically recognizes the sensors connected. It measures voltage up 1,000 VAC/VDC and current up to 10 kVAC / 5 kVDC. Its wide measurement ranges enable it to record power values up to 10 GW/Gvar/GVA, and energy up to 4 EWh/EVAh/Evarh.
It is equipped with an Alarm mode. The user can define limits and a list of events is recorded.


The PEL104 is equipped with multiple communication modes: USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wifi and 3G/GPRS.
The new 3G/GPRS mode allows users to insert a SIM card in the PEL for remote connection via a GSM 3G link. Because measurement campaigns often stretch over several days or weeks, it is important to check that the PEL is functioning correctly during this period.
With all these modes, it is possible to monitor the measurements in real time and recover the measurement data remotely anywhere in the world.
When an alarm is triggered, users can automatically receive an email alert.


In the field, the dedicated ANDROID application can be used to check that the PEL is operating correctly and to modify its configuration. This function enables measurements for applications on motors: rotation speed, torque and engine efficiency. No more need to add specific sensors in order to monitor a motor's behaviour in real time.

Optional MA194-350 Current Clamps:

The PEL104 comes as standard without the additional current clamps, these can be added for a reduced cost via the drop-down menu above.

IEC 61010 1000V CAT III et 600V CAT IV

Current clamps, MiniFlex® and AmpFlex® flexible current sensors are used to measure the current flowing in a cable without opening the circuit. They also insulate the user from dangerous voltages in the circuit.

MiniFlex® MA194 350 mm
Measurement range * 100 mA - 10 000 A 100 mA - 10 000 A 100 mA - 10 000 A
Clamping diameter 100 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 170 x 110 x 18 mm
Cord 3 metres long
Weight approx. 120 g




 dataview   setup   run

*Purchase the Chauvin Arnoux PEL104 Energy Logger and add the Dataview software to your basket by selecting in the menu above for a discounted price.

The PEL Transfer software can be used to analyse the data recorded with the PEL100 models. On the basis of the power measurement campaigns performed, the software automatically decomposes the losses detected.
New: the software directly calculates the cost of the power consumed and gives the result in the local currency selected.
The DATAVIEW software platform can be used to generate reports. Users can set alarm thresholds on the various measurements made in order to obtain a customized measurement report.

The DataView® software is an essential tool for configuring and performing measurements, viewing data in real time, recovering recorded data and creating standard or customized measurement reports.

It provides a single software platform for operating most Chauvin Arnoux products, including:

  • QualiStar C.A 8331, C.A 8333, C.A 8336 and C.A 8436 power analysers
  • C.A 8220 and C.A 8230 power controllers
  • PEL102, PEL103 & PEL105 power and energy loggers
  • C.A 6470N, C.A 6471 and C.A 6472 earth testers
  • C.A 6543, C.A 6547, C.A 6549, C.A 6550, C.A 6555, C.A 6526, C.A 6532 and C.A 6534 insulation testers
  • F407 and F607 multimeter clamps
  • All the SIMPLE LOGGER 2 models
  • C.A 6417 earth clamps
  • C.A 6116N C.A 6117 multi-function installation testers
  • DTR8510 ratiometer
  • C.A 1821, C.A 1822, C.A 1823 thermometers
  • C.A 1246 thermo-hygrometer
  • C.A 1227 thermo-anemometer
  • C.A 1110 Lightmeter
  • CA 10101 pHmeter
  • CA 10141 conductivity meter

The simple-to-use DataView® software automatically recognizes the instrument connected to the PC and gives the user direct access to the data recorded in the instrument, its configuration and the real-time data.

DATAView® automatically generates measurement reports or creates new customized reports on request.

This tool also offers a large number of additional functions for greater user comfort or for more detailed analysis: a zoom on the graphs to analyse certain parts more closely, display of various recorded parameters on request, export of stored data into Excel, linking and integration of objects (OLE), etc.

DataView can be used to automatically link the address details of customers, work sites, etc., extracted from a database, to the measurement reports.

The instruments are connected to the PC via USB, RS232, WiFi or Bluetooth, depending on the model.

The following minimum configuration is required:

Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit)
1GB of RAM for Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit)
2GB of RAM for Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit)
80MB space on hard disk (200MB recommended)

PEL Transfer

(Additional Software) 

The PEL Transfer software can be used to control the PEL 102, PEL 103, PEL 104, PEL 105 and PEL 106 power and energy loggers.

 The PEL Transfer software is a tool for:

  • Configuring the instruments,
  • Downloading and viewing the data stored in the memory,
  • Performing instantaneous acquisition operations,
  • Displaying the data in the form of tables or graphs,
  • Exporting the measurement data into (*.dvb files) or into a spreadsheet.

PEL Transfer is available as a free download from Chauvin Arnoux here:
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Chauvin Arnoux DataView software is not supplied with the PEL Transfer software

Which PEL Series energy logger is right for you?

Comparison Chart


We have issued a press release on the PEL104 and PEL106 which will appear in the Professional Electrician magazine and can be viewed by clicking the link below. 
The article highlights that the instruments now have wi-fi connectivity and support connection to the GRPS and 3G mobile phone networks also IRDS connectivity for access behind firewalls on private IP addresses.



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ISSWWW and Chauvin Arnoux

The Chauvin Arnoux Group of companies, incorporating the Metrix and Multimetrix brands are synonymous with design and production of the finest quality products for the electrical testing industry, covering a diverse sector of the market for over 100 years. From their awarded Digiflex current sensors, universal testers, multimeters, network and power analysers, right up to laboratory instrumentation and beyond.

ISSWWW and Chauvin Arnoux have enjoyed a close working partnership for many years and we supply many of their products to trade and industry the world over.


Chauvin Arnoux PEL104 Enery Logger Technical Specification
Display With a quadruple digital display
Types of installations Single-phase, split-phase, three-phase with or without neutral, and many other specific configurations
Number of channels 3 voltage inputs, 3 current inputs (calculated neutral current)
Network frequency DC, 50 Hz, 60 Hz and 400 Hz
Voltage (measurement ranges) 10.00 -1,000 Vac/dc
Current (depending on sensors)
(measurement ranges)
5 mAac to 10 kAac / 50 mAdc to 1.4 kAdc
Calculated measurements
Ratio Up to 650,000 V / up to 25,000 A
Power 10 W to 10 GW / 10 var to 10 Gvar / 10 VA to 10 GVA
Energy Up to 4 EWh / 4 EVAh / 4 Evarh (E = 10 18)
Phase cos φ, tan Φ, PF
Harmonics THD
Additional functions
Phase sequence Yes
Min / Max Yes
Mounting Magnet
Sampling / Acquisition interval / Aggregation 5 measurements/s - from 1 min to 60 min
Memory SD card, 8 GB (SD-HC card up to 32 GB)
Communication Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, Wifi and GPRS
Power supply 110 V - 250 V (+10 %, -15 %) @ 50-60 Hz & 400 Hz
Safety IEC 61010 600 V CA T IV and 1 000 V CA T III
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions 256 x 125 x 37 mm without sensor
Weight <1 kg
Casing IP54

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