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Electrical equipment hire


Instrument Sales and Services Hire equipment as described in the catalogue for various durations, as shown.

  • Charges for equipment will be as shown, or as agreed.
  • The hire charge period will run from the day of delivery until the item is returned to our depot. Customer is to arrange return shipment.
  • In the event that the hirer cannot arrange return shipment, ISS will do this at additional charge to be determined on a per case basis to cover logistical differences and costs.
  • The Hirer may extend the hire period subject to agreement, the additional hire period will be charged as per prices and periods at the current rate for the item.

The Hirer shall NOT:

  1. Misuse or inflict undue wear and tear on the hired equipment. Additional charges will be applied to cover repairs and or excessive cleaning costs.
  2. Re-hire or loan out the equipment to another party.
  3. Hold ISS or any associated company responsible for loss, damage or injury (inc. death) to persons or property resulting from the use of any hired equipment.

It is the Hirers responsibility TO:

  1. Keep the equipment safe and free from damage whilst in the Hirers possession.
  2. Indemnify ISS in respect of loss or damage howsoever caused to the equipment except for fair wear and tear in normal use.
  3. Notify ISS immediately to any damage or loss of any equipment.
  4. Ensure insurance is in place to cover any damage or loss incurred, ISS will quote repair or replacement at a reasonable market rate. The equipment will remain on hire until the sum is paid. Insurance is required to cover the equipment for use onshore, offshore, in use or in transit.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and any other regulations relating to the hired equipment.
  6. In respect to any default of payment ISS are entitled to recover the equipment without notice.
  7. Notify ISS Services if the equipment is to be taken outside the UK or used in a hazardous environment. Extra insurance may be needed and proof of such supplied.