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Chauvin Arnoux Metrix OX5022-C Handscope Portable Oscilloscope

The shockproof, IP54, Handscope OX5022 oscilloscope fits comfortably in one hand. This ergonomic instrument is also equipped with a TFT colour screen and LED backlighting for precise data display.

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  • IP54 Rated
  • TRMS
  • Colour Display
  • Built In Recorder Function
  • 3 instruments in 1
  • Two Isolated Channels
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  • 30DayMoneyBack
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Chauvin Arnoux OX5022-C Handscope Portable Oscilloscope

The shockproof, IP54, Handscope OX5022 oscilloscope fits comfortably in one hand. This ergonomic instrument is also equipped with a TFT colour screen and LED backlighting for precise data display.

To make it simpler to use, intuitive pictograms and integrated multilingual help are available at all times.

The handscope combines 3 measuring instruments in 1 on 2 channels:
- 20 MHz oscilloscope with 2 totally-isolated 600 V CAT III channels - 20 MHz bandwidth – 2 GS/s - 5 mV to 200 V/div and 25 ns to 200 s/div 
- Independent 8,000-count multimeter with power measurements,
- Built-in 31-order harmonic analyser (fundamental between 40 and 450 Hz).

2 MB are available for recording data and, in multimeter mode, it is possible to store graphics recordings of 2,700 measurements (5 min to 1 month). 
Isolated USB communication with the SCPI protocol is available. This makes it simple to program the instrument remotely with the SX-METRO software.

These products have been developed using an Eco-Design approach to reduce their environmental impact. They come with a 3-year warranty.


The OX5022-C Is Supplied With:

  • OC5022 Oscilloscope 
  • 1/10, 1000V probe
  • BNC/banana leads
  • 1 x mains adaptor
  • 1 x set of 6AA NiMh batteries
  • 1 x 'hands-free' bag
  • 1 x CD-Rom containing user and operating manual

Key Features:

  • IP54 rated
  • Two isolated channels
  • Three instruments in one
  • 3.5" colour LCD screen
  • Integrated interaction multilingual help function
  • Recording
  • Communion via isolated USB

High Performance

On each of the two isolated channels, it is possible to display automatic measurements selected from the 19 choices proposed (Amplitude, Time or Phase). In addition, MATH functions can be used to calculate the time representation of a signal derived from the channels by means of a mathematical operation (+,-,x,/ inversion) with automatic scaling.

With the Trigger function, you can use a single menu to program multiple and advanced triggers with possibilities for manual selection of the mode (auto, trig, single), level, filters (HF/LF), edges, etc. Also located on the front panel, the “Acq” key gives you access to the menu for selecting the Peak, Envelope, Averaging and XY display modes, as well as the zooms for optimizing the screen display. With the Peak detection or Glitch function, meanwhile, you can detect short-term disturbance pulses which may occur between 2 sampling points.

Harmonic Analyser

Harmonic analysis is performed on 2 channels up to the 31st order, with a fundamental frequency between 40 and 450 Hz. At the same time, the HANDSCOPE measures the total VRMS, the THD and the selected harmonic order (%fundamental, phase, frequency and VRMS). This function helps to improve analysis performance and, in particular, measurement when the level of a harmonic order is greater than the fundamental.

2 Independent 8,000 TRMS Digital Multimeters

Just as for the three instrument modes, a single press on the dedicated key gives you access to the multimeter mode, so that you can measure AC, DC and AC+DC current and voltage, resistance, continuity, capacitance, frequency and power (combination of two measurement channels), as well as temperature (K thermocouple or infrared probe) and motor rotation speed (optical tachometer). You can also use it to test diodes and components.

It is possible to display these measurements as a trend curve (2,700 over a period from 5 min to one month). Two essential modes for professional multimeters are also provided: the monitoring mode for measuring the MAX, MIN and AVG values and the relative mode for measuring the relative value, the delta between the relative and real values and the deviation in %.

Storage - Communication & PC Software

The handscope communicates with a PC via an isolated optical USB interface.

The optional SX-METRO data processing software can be used to:

  • View curves based on stored files
  • Display curves on a PC in real time
  • Control the oscilloscope via le PC
  • Import curves stored in the oscilloscope’s memory or as “image” files
  • Store curves in text format on the PC
  • Transfer data or curves into Excel.

Users can insert a graph of data from the signal in a report produced using Word (e.g. test report). They can also use Excel’s functions to perform additional calculations on the samples in the curve.

ISSWWW and Chauvin Arnoux

ISSWWW have a selection of Chauvin Arnoux products, such as Microhmmeters, Earth Ground Clamp Meter and Range Earth Testers, for efficient and accurate measuring. Chauvin Arnoux is constantly developing and manufacturing portable measurement instrumentation for electrical tradesmen, installers, industries and administrations.

Chauvin Arnoux OX5022-C Handscope Portable Oscilloscope

Specifications OX 5022 OX 5042
Man-machine Interface
Type of display 3.5” colour TFT LCD screen – Resolution 320x240 –LED backlighting
Display mode 2,500 real acquisition points on screen
Display of curves on screen 2 curves + 2 references + memory trace or mathematical calculation
Commands Direct adjustments on front panel & on-screen menus via browser (principal & secondary without “hidden menus")
Integrated interactive help function 11 languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Rumanian, Russian, Finnish, Polish, Dutch
Oscilloscope mode
Vertical deflection
Bandwidth 20 MHz 40 MHz
Bandwidth limiter 1.5 MHz, 5 kHz
Number of channels 2 totally-isolated channels
Input impedance 1 MΩ ±0.5%, approx. 17 pF
Maximum input voltage 600 V CAT III – Derating -20dB per decade from 100 kHz
Vertical sensitivity 5 mV to 200 V/div
Horizontal deflection
Sweep speed 25 ns/div to 200 s/div –Roll Mode from 100 ms to 200 s/div
Horizontal zoom Zoom factor: x1, x2, x5
Mode Automatic, triggered, one-shot & triggered Roll
Type of display Edge, pulse width (20 ns – 20 s)
Coupling AC or DC (depending on the coupling of the triggering channel) - HF, LF or noise rejection
Sensitivity ≤ 1.2 divisions p-p up to 20 MHz ≤ 1.2 divisions p-p up to 40 MHz
Digital memory
Maximum sampling rate 2 GS/s in ETS mode – 50 MS/s in one-shot mode on each channel
Vertical resolution 9 bits
Memory depth 2,500 points per channel
User storage 2 MB for storing files: trace (.trc), text, (.txt), configuration (.cfg), image files (.bmp)
GLITCH mode Duration ≥ 20 ns – 1,250 Min/Max pairs
Display modes Envelope, Averaging (factors 2 to 64) and XY (vector)
Other functions
MATH functions Channel inversion, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (adjustable scaling)
Cursor measurements 2 cursors: V, T, dV, dt simultaneously –4-digit display resolution
Automatic measurements 18 time or level measurements and phase measurement
Multimeter mode
General specifications 2 channels, 8,000-count display + min/max bargraph – Graphic recording of 2,700 measurements (5 min to 1 month)
Operating modes Absolute or relative display (absolute, deviation, ref, ref%) – Monitoring (instantaneous, Min, Max, Avg)
AC, DC and AC+DC voltages Ranges from 600 mV to 600 VRMS, 800 mV to 800 VDC – accuracy for VDC 1%reading+20D –50 kHz bandwidth
Resistance Range from 80 Ω to 32 MΩ - accuracy 2%R + 10D –10 ms quick continuity test
Capacitance Ranges from 5 nF to 5 mF – basic accuracy 2%reading+10D
Other measurements Frequency, rotation speed, 3.3 V diode test, temperature measurement (with K thermocouple or infrared probe)
Measurements Single-phase and balanced three-phase active power values (with or without neutral), simultaneous display of current
Harmonic analyser mode
Milti-channel analysis 2 channels, 31 orders, fundamental frequency from 40 to 450 Hz
Simultaneous measurements Total VRMS, THD and selected order (%fundamental, phase, frequency, VRMS)
General specifications
Screenshots Up to 100 file in standard “.bmp” format, viewable on the instrument
PC communication Isolated optical USB interface –“SX-Metro” PC application software available as an option (version CK)
Power supply 6 LR6 or 6 AA NiMh batteries – Battery life up to 8 hrs 30 min – Universal mains adapter isolated from the channels – Quick charging in 2 hrs 30 min
Safety / EMC Safety according to IEC61010-1 Ed3 – 600 V CAT III – EMC according to EN61000-3, 2001 & EN61326-1, 2006
Mechanical specifications 214x110x57mm – 1.2 kg with batteries – moulded elastomer casing, IP54 protection
Warranty 3 years

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