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  1. Testo Saveris 2 T1 Temperature Data Logger 0572 2031

    Updated 2018 model The testo Saveris 2 WiFi data logger system is the easy, versatile and reliable solution for the measurement and monitoring of temperature and humidity values in your storage.
    £109.00 excluding VAT £130.80 including VAT @ 20%
    • -30°C to +50°C
    • Cloud Based Data
    • WiFi Connectivity
  2. Testo Scatter Field Probe 0636 6160

    The Testo Scatter Field Probe provides fast and non-destructive evaluation of material moisture courses in woods and building materials
    £264.95 excluding VAT £317.94 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £334.80
    • Non Destructive Moisture Measurement
    • Official Testo Accessory
    • Wide Range of Applications
  3. Testo 0560 6220 622 Hygrometer with Pressure Indication

    The testo 622 also measures temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. In a large, clear display, it shows the current measurement values, date and time.
    £184.50 excluding VAT £221.40 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £246.00
    • Temperature Measurement
    • Humidity measurement
    • LCD Display
  4. Testo Smart Probes 410i Bluetooth Vane Anemometer 0560 1410

    Testo Smart Bluetooth Vane Anemometer operated with tablet or smartphone, for measurements of air velocity, volume and temperature.
    £52.95 excluding VAT £63.54 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £76.80
    • Air Volume Measurement
    • Min/Max/Average
    • Temperature Measurement
  5. Testo Saveris Surface Probe 0628 7516

    Use this Testo temperature probe with NTC sensor and a T2 Data Logger to carry out surface temperature measurements.
    £53.00 excluding VAT £63.60 including VAT @ 20%
    • -50 to +80 °C
    • Surface probe
  6. Testo Fast Action Surface Probe TC Type K 0602 0393

    The extremely fast-action surface temperature probe with sprung thermocouple strip is suitable for a wide range of applications including uneven surfaces.
    £99.00 excluding VAT £118.80 including VAT @ 20%
    • Official Testo Accessory
    • Suitable for a range of Testo meters
    • Wide Range of Applications
  7. Testo Smart Probes Bluetooth Refrigeration Set 0563 0002

    Testo Smart Probes Refrigeration set is a kit of three heating engineers testers for for servicing, commissioning and error detection on air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
    £165.00 excluding VAT £198.00 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £234.00
    • Min/Max function
    • Data Logging
    • High Pressure Module
  8. Testo 549 Digital Refrigeration Manifold 0560 0550

    Our best ever value manifold. Includes Testo 549 digital manifold, batteries and calibration protocol. Combined with it's ease of use it's the number one product choice in it's class.
    £179.00 excluding VAT £214.80 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £262.80
    • NIST traceable certification
    • Min/Max function
    • 4 ranges
  9. Testo Magnetic Temperature Probe TC type K 0602 4792

    Magnetic temperature probe can be attached to metallic surfaces thanks to a powerful magnet adhesive force 20 N, enabling convenient surface temperature measurement.
    £119.00 excluding VAT £142.80 including VAT @ 20%
    • Magnetic Probe
    • Official Testo Accessory
    • Range -50 to +170 °C
  10. Testo 206-pH2 Starter Kit 0563 2066

    The Testo 206-pH2 pH meter allows you to measure the pH value and temperature of semi-solid media safely and reliably. Ideal for laboratories, industrial production processes and the food industry
    £206.00 excluding VAT £247.20 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £274.80
    • General purpose probe
    • Measures pH
    • Food Safety & Hygiene Essential
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Items 1 to 10 of 107 total

ISSWWW supply a variety of Testo products, including hand held devices such as a CO monitors, infrared thermometers and sound level meters.  Testo Limited’s unrivalled hand held portable instruments enables accurate measurement of pH values, temperature, humidity, conductivity and more.