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  1. Testo 755-2 Current and Voltage Tester 0590 7552

    Measures both current and voltage. Meets required standards as both a current and voltage tester. Includes batteries and measuring tips.
    £90.00 excluding VAT £108.00 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £118.80
    • Certified DIN EN 61243-3:2010
    • Rotating Magnetic Field Measurement
    • Single Pole Phase Testing
  2. Testo 320B Flue Gas Analyser Advanced 0563 3223 72

    FREE Gift Flue gas measurement on heating systems with a compact flue gas analyzer for oil and gas. the testo 320 features all essential functions for flue gas analysis, flue draught and pressure
    £619.00 excluding VAT £742.80 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £876.00
    • Accuracy 1ppm
    • Audible & Visual Indication
    • Batteries Supplied
  3. Testo 0560 6220 622 Hygrometer with Pressure Indication

    The testo 622 also measures temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. In a large, clear display, it shows the current measurement values, date and time.
    £184.50 excluding VAT £221.40 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £246.00
    • Temperature Measurement
    • Humidity measurement
    • LCD Display
  4. Testo 770-2 Clamp Meter 0590 7702

    Clamp meter for current measurement. With fully retractable pincer and optional Bluetooth reporting function. *Please note Bluetooth function is only available on the 770-3 model.
    £102.00 excluding VAT £122.40 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £142.80
    • Tests up to 400A
    • Current AC/DC
    • TRMS
  5. Testo 635-2 Thermohygrometer 0563 6352

    The Testo 635-2 temperature and moisture meter allows you to carry out temperature and moisture measurements on a variety of different materials, surfaces and environments
    £348.95 excluding VAT £418.74 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £454.80
    • Probes Available Seperately
    • Temperature Measurement
    • Humidity measurement
  6. Testo Saveris 2 T1 Temperature Data Logger 0572 2031

    Updated 2018 model The testo Saveris 2 WiFi data logger system is the easy, versatile and reliable solution for the measurement and monitoring of temperature and humidity values in your storage.
    £109.00 excluding VAT £130.80 including VAT @ 20%
    • -30°C to +50°C
    • Cloud Based Data
    • WiFi Connectivity
  7. Testo Fast Action Surface Probe TC Type K 0602 0393

    The extremely fast-action surface temperature probe with sprung thermocouple strip is suitable for a wide range of applications including uneven surfaces.
    £99.00 excluding VAT £118.80 including VAT @ 20%
    • Official Testo Accessory
    • Suitable for a range of Testo meters
    • Wide Range of Applications
  8. Testo Saveris Surface Probe 0628 7516

    Use this Testo temperature probe with NTC sensor and a T2 Data Logger to carry out surface temperature measurements.
    £53.00 excluding VAT £63.60 including VAT @ 20%
    • -50 to +80 °C
    • Surface probe
  9. Testo TC Type K Temperature Probe with Velcro 0628 0020

    Testo TC Type K Temperature Probe with Velcro With Velcro, makes it easy to attach the surface probe to pipes with a diameter of up to 120 mm
    £34.90 excluding VAT £41.88 including VAT @ 20%
    • Max Pipe Diameter 120mm
    • Official Testo Accessory
    • Range -50 to +120 °C
  10. Testo 805i Bluetooth Infrared thermometer 0560 1805

    Testo 805i Infrared Thermometer is part of the Testo Smart Probes series. It is a Bluetooth enabled device to be operated with smartphone or tablet which can be used with other probes in the range.
    £56.95 excluding VAT £68.34 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £82.80
    • Range -30 to +250 °C
    • Data Logging
    • Adjustable Emissivity
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Items 1 to 10 of 91 total

ISSWWW supply a variety of Testo products, including hand held devices such as a CO monitors, infrared thermometers and sound level meters.  Testo Limited’s unrivalled hand held portable instruments enables accurate measurement of pH values, temperature, humidity, conductivity and more.