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  1. Metrel A 1632 eMobility Analyser EVSE

    The A 1632 eMobility Analyser is a special accessory designed for diagnostic testing of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) together with supported METREL installation testers.
    £1,785.00 excluding VAT £2,142.00 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £2,323.14
    • Bluetooth Communication
    • EVSE Diagnostic Testing
    • For use with compatible Metrel testers
  2. Metrel MI 3143 ST Multifunction Installation Tester

    NEW The Metrel MI 3143 ST is intended for measuring the effectiveness of automatic trip out protection in case of faults in transformers and other HV equipment.
    £3,121.95 excluding VAT £3,746.34 including VAT @ 20%
    • 4-wire 220 A Z Line and Z Loop Impedance Tester
    • Android Compatible
    • CAT IV 600 V (3000 m)
  3. Metrel A 1422 Active 3-phase Adapter Plus

    Metrel’s A 1422 Multifunctional test adapter is designed for troubleshooting, as well as for periodic testing on 3-phase appliances and machinery.
    £1,495.00 excluding VAT £1,794.00 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £2,679.60
    • 3-Phase Electrical Equipment Testing
    • Live Leakage Test
    • RCD and Active Polarity
  4. Metrel MI 3122 SMARTEC Z Line Loop RCD

    The Metrel MI 3122 SMARTEC Z Line-Loop / RCD is designed specifically for live circuit testing. The instrument contains integrated characteristics of fuses and RCDs for the evaluation of test results.
    £339.00 excluding VAT £406.80 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £585.60
    • 1/3 Phase Testing
    • High accuracy
    • Non-tripping
  5. Metrel MI3125 EurotestCOMBO BT Standard Set

    Advanced Downloading Multifunction Tester
    £495.00 excluding VAT £594.00 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £927.60
    • Manufacturer Certificate Included
    • Includes Software
    • Rechargeable
  6. Metrel MI 3152-L EurotestXC Multifunction Tester - Basic Set

    MI 3152 EurotestXC is an instrument from the new generation of Metrel’s multifunctional measuring instruments. A wide range of functions is included: from on-line voltage monitoring, phase sequence testing and varistor testing.
    £875.00 excluding VAT £1,050.00 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £1,541.16
    • >1000V Insulation Testing
    • Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Downloadable
  7. Metrel A1019 Current Clamp

    The MEtrel A1019 Current clamp 1000 A / 1 A with jaw opening 52 mm for general current measurements and in combination with A 1018 for earth resistance measurement without breaking the loop.
    £156.00 excluding VAT £187.20 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £267.60
    • 1.5m Cable
    • For use with a range of Metrel instruments
    • Large 52mm Jaw Size
  8. Metrel MI 3360 Medical OmegaPAT XA PAT Tester

    The Metrel OmegaPAT XA brings 4 models of the instrument, intended for professional use in the most demanding applications.
    £2,480.00 excluding VAT £2,976.00 including VAT @ 20%
    • 1d and QR Barcode Reading
    • 4.3" Colour TFT Touch Screen
    • Create Instrument Testing Groups
  9. Metrel MI 3121H SMARTEC 2.5kV Insulation Continuity Tester

    The MI 3121H Smartec 2,5 kV Insulation / Continuity is the portable measuring instrument for complete diagnostic testing of insulation and continuity measurements up to 2.5kV
    £442.00 excluding VAT £530.40 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £758.40
    • Automatic Polarity Reversal
    • Comes Complete with NiMH Batteries
    • PI and DAR Calculation
  10. Metrel MD9272 AC DC Leakage TRMS Clamp Meter

    The Metrel MD9272, high accuracy leakage current and power measurements with all-in-one clamp-on meter.
    £269.00 excluding VAT £322.80 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £469.20
    • 0.01mA Resolution
    • 28mm Jaw Size
    • Large LCD Display
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Items 1 to 10 of 48 total

 Recognised as a leading supplier of measurement and testing solutions Metrel UK provide instruments covering a wide range of market segments. Metrel’s portfolio of products range from contacting led equipment to high voltage testers and even data verifiers and certification tools.