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  1. Kewtech TC5 Schedule of Test Results 12 Ways

    Schedule of Test results 12 Ways
    £11.95 exc. VAT £14.34 inc. VAT £25.20 inc. VAT
    • BS7671 Certificate Family
    • Certificate Book
    • Contains Carbon Copies
  2. Kewtech ACC50MTL 50m Test Lead Extension

    50m Extension Test Lead
    £54.90 exc. VAT £65.88 inc. VAT £130.80 inc. VAT
    • 50 Metres
    • 4mm Connector
    • Suitable For Direct R2 Measurements
  3. Kewtech Kewcheck R2 Socket Testing Adaptor

    Socket Testing Adaptor
    £13.95 exc. VAT £16.74 inc. VAT £33.60 inc. VAT
    • Socket Testing Adaptor
    • 4mm Connectors
  4. Kewtech ACC020 Non-fused 2 Wire Right Angle Test Leads

    Non-fused 2 Wire right angle connector Test Leads
    £27.95 exc. VAT £33.54 inc. VAT £48.00 inc. VAT
    • Non-Fused leads
    • 4mm connectors
    • 2 wire lead set
  5. Kewtech KEWISO2 Safe Isolation Kit

    A UK specific safe isolation kit by Kewtech
    £119.00 exc. VAT £142.80 inc. VAT £238.80 inc. VAT
    • GS38 Compliant
    • Phase Rotation Tester
    • LED Indicator
  6. Kewtech KT115 Digital Multimeter

    A Great Electrical Contractor Orientated DMM - strong, reliable and robust
    £37.41 exc. VAT £44.89 inc. VAT £73.20 inc. VAT
    • Measures resistance
    • Measures frequency
    • Measures capacitance
  7. Kewtech KT200 400A AC Digital Clamp Meter

    Digital 400A AC Clamp Meter
    £43.95 exc. VAT £52.74 inc. VAT £86.40 inc. VAT
    • Current AC
    • Data Hold
    • Resistance Measurement
  8. Kewtech ACC016E 3 Wire Test Lead Set

    The Kewtech ACC016e 3 Wire fused Distribution Board Leads & IEC connector
    £39.95 exc. VAT £47.94 inc. VAT £72.00 inc. VAT
    • Fused leads
    • 3 wire lead set
    • G7 compliant
  9. Kewtech KT117 600V TRMS Multimeter

    Digital 600V & 10A AC/DC TRMS Multimeter
    £67.95 exc. VAT £81.54 inc. VAT £130.80 inc. VAT
    • TRMS
    • Measures resistance
    • Measures frequency
  10. Kewtech Lightmate Lighting Circuit Adapters Kit

    Lighting Circuit Adaptors, Kit of 5 Lightmates
    £54.95 exc. VAT £65.94 inc. VAT £117.60 inc. VAT
    • Official distributor product
    • Essentail electricians accessories
    • Perfect addition to any test kit
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Items 41 to 50 of 102 total

Kewtech Corporation supply and broad range of products designed specifically for the UK market, they produce Reliable, innovative and accurate instruments with the UK contactor in mind.