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GE Druck

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  1. Druck PV212-BSP Adaptor Set

    A set of stainless steel BSP test point adaptors for use with the Druck PV212 Hand Pump.
    £188.40 including VAT @ 20% £157.00 excluding VAT
    • 303 Stainless Steel
    • Case Included
    • Kit of 5 Adaptors
  2. Druck DPI 832 Electrical Loop Calibrator

    GE's Druck DPI 832 electrical loop calibrator is a compact, easily portable solution for your loop calibration needs from our Essential range.
    £1,322.40 including VAT @ 20% £1,102.00 excluding VAT
    • HART® Loop Resistor
    • Compact Design
    • Dual Reading
  3. Druck DPI705 Handheld Pressure Indicator Internal Sensor

    Druck DPI 705 Series of handheld pressure indicators combine tough and rugged design with accurate and reliable pressure measurement.
    £495.60 including VAT @ 20% £413.00 excluding VAT
    • Internal Sensor
    • Manufacturer Certificate Included
    • Handheld Operation
  4. Druck IDT600-1 Dirt Moisture Trap BSP

    The IDT600 is an effective barrier for protecting Druck portable pressure calibrators against the ingress of dirt and moisture which may be present in the gaseous pressure media or pneumatic devices under test.
    £162.00 including VAT @ 20% £135.00 excluding VAT
    • Use With All Druck Calibrators
    • Prevents Cross Contamination
    • Simple To Use
  5. Druck PM620 Pressure Modules Absolute Range

    A range of pressure modules to fit the Druck MC620 and MC620IS module carriers, for use in the 620 series of pressure stations and calibrators.
    £1,435.20 including VAT @ 20% £1,196.00 excluding VAT
    • 15 Ranges Available
    • Intrinsically Safe version Available
    • Official Druck Accessory
  6. Druck PV622G Pneumatic Pressure Station 100bar

    The GE Druck PV622G Pneumatic Pressure Station is a pneumatic pressure generator for pressures 95% vacuum to 1500 psi (100 bar).
    £2,409.60 including VAT @ 20% £2,008.00 excluding VAT
    • 100 bar / 1500 psi
    • Intrinsically Safe version Available
    • Quick-Fit Connection System
  7. Druck IO620IS-CRADLE Battery Adapter

    Spare or replacement battery charging station for the Druck DPI620. Only suitable for use with IO620IS-BATTERY and IO620IS-CHARGER.
    £58.80 including VAT @ 20% £49.00 excluding VAT
    • For use with the DPI 620 IS/IS CE
    • Official Druck Accessory
  8. Druck PV210 Pneumatic Hand Pump

    The GE Druck PV210 is a lightweight, yet rugged and durable, low pressure and vacuum hand pump offering exceptional fine control.
    £556.80 including VAT @ 20% £464.00 excluding VAT
    • Dual Source Of Pressure And Vacuum
    • Handheld Operation
    • Generate Pressure To 3000mbar (43 psi)
  9. Druck DPI 612 Flex Pressure Calibrator

    Robust and Easy to Use with Interchangeable Pressure Modules, the Druck DPI612
    £2,613.60 including VAT @ 20% £2,178.00 excluding VAT
    • NPT/BSP/UNF Variations
    • Pressure Protection
    • Quick-Fit Connection System
  10. Druck PV211-P Pneumatic Hand Pump

    The GE Druck PV 211 Pneumatic Hand Pump is a lightweight, high quality combined pressure and vacuum hand pump. It has been designed to provide maximum pneumatic pressures efficiently and effortlessly.
    £804.00 including VAT @ 20% £670.00 excluding VAT
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Items 1 to 10 of 58 total

ISSWWW are a proud distributor of Druck products, with a range of pressure meters and gauges including Hydraulic Hand pumps, Portable Calibrators and Handheld Pressure Indicators, all essentials for high performance and accurate results. Druck is part of the GE Measurement network which is improving the health of industry with smart and predictive solutions.