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Draper Tools

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  1. Draper quarter and half inch Sq. Dr. Metric Socket Set 100 Piece 55318

    NEW100 piece 1/4" And 1/2" Sq. Dr. metric socket set manufactured and tested generally in accordance with DIN3122 and ISO3315 Specifications
    £85.95 exc. VAT £103.14 inc. VAT £131.98 inc. VAT
    • 100 Piece Set
    • Chrome Vanadium Steel
    • General purpose/Home use
  2. Draper DEP1 Fully Insulated VDE Pliers 185mm 26482

    Professional Level Fully Insulated Draper VDE Pliers.
    £41.36 exc. VAT £49.63 inc. VAT £86.02 inc. VAT
    • Manufactured to DIN ISO 5746
    • Tested to EN 60900:2004
    • Official Draper Product
  3. Draper FCR-MST All-in-One Multi-Service Diagnostic Tool 81284

    An easy to use, sophisticated tool for next generation vehicle servicing.
    £548.00 exc. VAT £657.60 inc. VAT £684.00 inc. VAT
    • Essential Automotive Technicians Tool
    • Reduce Costly Service Charges
    • Windows® Compatible Software
  4. Draper D389 Combined Metal, Voltage and Stud Detector 22230

    Expert Quality, Detects live and dead electricity cables, metallic water pipes, nails and wood studs in partition walling. Buzzer sounds when objects are located.
    £35.70 exc. VAT £42.84 inc. VAT £74.26 inc. VAT
    • Audible
    • Non-Contact
    • Up to 230V ac
  5. Draper FCR-DPF Diesel particulate Filter Service Tool 81279

    Designed for use on modern diesel vehicles fitted with complex anti-pollution systems.
    £210.00 exc. VAT £252.00 inc. VAT £269.64 inc. VAT
    • Large LCD Display
    • Essential Automotive Technicians Tool
    • Manually Reset Service Warnings
  6. Draper Automotive Electricians Tool Kit BLUEEK 03564

    Comprehensive kit for automotive electricians.
    £639.95 exc. VAT £767.94 inc. VAT £858.17 inc. VAT
    • Storage Box Included
    • Electricians Kit
    • 188 Piece Set
  7. Battery Bulb Fuse And Continuity Tester BBFC2 90478

    The Draper BBFC2 is an inexpensive automotive multi tool for checking fuses, lamps, voltage and continuity with a clear analogue scale.
    £18.81 excluding VAT £22.57 including VAT @ 20%
    • Audible
    • Measures DC Voltage
    • Probes Included
  8. Draper 960-11 Fully Insulated Screwdriver Set 69234

    An Expert Quality, set of insulated screwdrivers, essential for professional electricians. Rated at 1000V and 60900 certified, they offer exceptional value for money and functionality.
    £39.95 exc. VAT £47.94 inc. VAT £96.62 inc. VAT
    • Tested to EN 60900:2004
    • Hard Carry Case
    • Rated 1000V AC
  9. Draper Workshop Tool Kit TKC2A 50104

    Comprehensive kit of workshop tools complete with a robust lacquered sheet steel five tray tool chest.
    £288.85 exc. VAT £346.62 inc. VAT £390.85 inc. VAT
    • Includes Steel Tool Box
    • Comprehensive Tool Kit
    • Ideal for Garages and Automotive Trades
  10. Draper RTK Expert Relay Test Lead Kit 64784

    Expert Quality, relay break-out test kit enabling easy connection to relays during test and diagnostic work.
    £45.58 exc. VAT £54.70 inc. VAT £56.89 inc. VAT
    • Essential Automotive Technicians Tool
    • Reduce Costly Service Charges
    • Case Included
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Items 1 to 10 of 27 total

Draper Tools offers a wide range of innovative and reliable tools for the Electrician. Aimed at the residential and commercial market, their tools are made to make any electricians job safer, faster and a good deal easier. ISSWWW is a one-stop shop for electrical Draper Tools, all at industry leading prices.