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Draper Tools

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  1. Draper Steering Angle Sensor FCR-SAS Service Tool 81280

    With the advancement in vehicle electronics, steering angle sensors are becoming a common feature in modern vehicles. This tool allows quick and easy resetting.
    £215.95 exc. VAT £259.14 inc. VAT £269.64 inc. VAT
    • Essential Automotive Technicians Tool
    • Reduce Costly Service Charges
    • Windows® Compatible Software
  2. Draper Expert 10,000V Insulated half inch VDE Socket Set 24 Piece 31070

    NEW Chrome vanadium steel hardened, tempered and chrome plated. Each component has been tested to 10,000V for safe 1000V AC or 1500V DC live working.
    £289.95 exc. VAT £347.94 inc. VAT £459.59 inc. VAT
    • Case Included
    • Chrome Vanadium Steel
    • Manufactured acc. to IEC 60900
  3. Draper CT-K PRO Ratchet Crimping Tool and Terminal Kit 56383

    Draper ratchet crimp and terminal selection. A favourite with electricians and maintenance engineers, the set includes a pair of quality crimpers and a generous selection of popular terminals.
    £121.45 exc. VAT £145.74 inc. VAT £189.43 inc. VAT
    • Case Included
    • Official Draper Product
    • Fantastic Value For Money
  4. Draper MT300 300W Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit 23666

    A powerful 300W motor, comfort grip, dust extraction system and included accessories make the Draper Multi Cutting Tool an invaluable item for any tradesman.
    £81.00 exc. VAT £97.20 inc. VAT £102.79 inc. VAT
    • Interchangeable
    • Hard Carry Case
    • Comprehensive Tool Kit
  5. Draper FCR-SRS Airbag SRS and ABS Service Tool 81278

    Easy to use yet sophisticated tool for diagnosing why the airbag ABS/SRS warning light is on. Specifically designed for establishishing and diagnosing ABS/SRS problems.
    £216.00 exc. VAT £259.20 inc. VAT £269.64 inc. VAT
    • Essential Automotive Technicians Tool
    • Manually Reset Service Warnings
    • Reduce Costly Service Charges
  6. Draper DMM300 Automotive Digital Multimeter 41821

    Auto and manual ranging automotive digital multimeter capable of voltage, current, resistance, diode and continuity testing
    £43.50 exc. VAT £52.20 inc. VAT £90.43 inc. VAT
    • Large LCD Display
    • Petrol, Diesel, LPG, CNG
    • Essential Automotive Technicians Tool
  7. Draper 400A Lithium Jump Starter and Phone Charger 15066

    NEW Compact and powerful jump-starter/charger. Delivers a potent charge for emergency jump-starting vehicles up to 4.2L petrol and 2L diesel engines.
    £124.50 excluding VAT £149.40 including VAT @ 20%
    • 200A Starting Current
    • 400A Peak Current
    • Mobile Device Charger
  8. Draper 965I-18 Interchangeable Insulated Screwdriver Set 05776

    An Expert Quality, set of interchangeable screwdrivers, essential for professional electricians. Rated at 1000V and VDE certified, they offer exceptional value for money and functionality.
    £39.45 exc. VAT £47.34 inc. VAT £82.02 inc. VAT
    • 18 Piece Set
    • Tested to EN 60900:2004
    • VDE Rated
  9. Draper ELEC Electricians Tool Kit 89756

    Comprehensive kit of electricians tools complete with a robust lacquered sheet steel four tray cantilever tool box. This kit really is an 'Electrician in a box'
    £479.00 exc. VAT £574.80 inc. VAT £614.59 inc. VAT
    • Includes Steel Tool Box
    • Comprehensive Tool Kit
    • Storage Box Included
  10. Draper DMM18 Automotive Tachometer 79005

    A hand held automotive tachometer for measuring 2 stroke, four stroke and distributorless ignition systems.
    £51.50 exc. VAT £61.80 inc. VAT £65.94 inc. VAT
    • 2000 Count LCD
    • Data Holding Facility
    • Essential Automotive Technicians Tool
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Items 1 to 10 of 26 total

Draper Tools offers a wide range of innovative and reliable tools for the Electrician. Aimed at the residential and commercial market, their tools are made to make any electricians job safer, faster and a good deal easier. ISSWWW is a one-stop shop for electrical Draper Tools, all at industry leading prices.