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Chauvin Arnoux

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  1. Chauvin Arnoux TRMS Multimeter C.A 5233

    This compact, comprehensive digital multimeter is equipped with all the functions required by electricians for maintenance of low and medium-power residential and tertiary equipment and installations.
    £124.10 excluding VAT £148.92 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £170.40
    • Tests up to 600V
    • TRMS
    • AC/DC voltage
  2. Chauvin Arnoux P01654250 Cone Kit

    A set of airflow measuring cones 210mm round and 346x346mm square to suit Chauvin Arnoux CA1227 or similar anemometer
    £199.95 excluding VAT £239.94 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £276.00
    • Easy 1 Person Operation
    • Wide Range of Applications
    • Air Volume Measurement
  3. Chauvin Arnoux EEBS Package

    The Chauvin Arnoux EEBS is everything you need in one box to identify and locate inefficient electrical equipment, unscheduled and out of hours energy leakage and much more.
    £2,307.55 excluding VAT £2,769.06 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £2,914.80
    • Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera
    • ETL Tax Deductable Purchase
    • Power and Energy Logger
  4. Chauvin Arnoux C.A1888 Thermal Camera

    With its top-of-the-range performance, this camera is ideal for everthing from first-level tests through to expert thermographic diagnostics.
    £4,407.00 excluding VAT £5,288.40 including VAT @ 20%
    • 384 x 288 pixels
    • -20 °C to +600 °C
    • 24° x 18° Field Of View
  5. Chauvin Arnoux Metrix OX5022-C Handscope Portable Oscilloscope

    The shockproof, IP54, Handscope OX5022 oscilloscope fits comfortably in one hand. This ergonomic instrument is also equipped with a TFT colour screen and LED backlighting for precise data display.
    £912.05 excluding VAT £1,094.46 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £1,266.00
    • IP54 Rated
    • TRMS
    • Colour Display
  6. Chauvin Arnoux CA895 Carbon Monoxide Detector P01651001Z

    The Chauvin Arnoux Physics Line CA895 Carbon Monoxide Detector detects and measures carbon monoxide (CO) gas.
    £218.45 excluding VAT £262.14 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £308.40
    • Accuracy ± 5 ppm
    • Backlit 2000-ct display
    • Calibration Function
  7. Chauvin Arnoux Metrix HX0130 Probix Oscilloscope Probe

    1/10 – 500 MHz – 300 V Cat II electronic voltage probe for Scopix portable oscilloscopes.
    £249.00 excluding VAT £298.80 including VAT @ 20%
    • For Scopix Oscilloscopes
    • Voltage Probe
    • CAT II 300 V
  8. Chauvin Arnoux HX0061 In Vehicle Charger

    The HX0061 enables the SCOPIX to be powered by a vehicle battery. This accessory is connected to the standard SCOPIX power supply. It is ideal for users on the move, allowing them to recharge the instrument’s battery in their vehicle between two series of
    £308.00 excluding VAT £369.60 including VAT @ 20%
    • In Vehicle Charger
    • For Use With Scopix Oscilloscopes
    • 10 Vdc to 60 Vdc Voltage
  9. Chauvin Arnoux CA8331 Qualistar Plus Power Analyser

    Designed for inspection and maintenance teams in industrial or administrative buildings, the Qualistar can provide a snapshot of the main electrical network quality characteristics
    £1,299.00 excluding VAT £1,558.80 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £1,832.40
    • Multiple Connectivity Options
    • Single Phase
    • Three Phase
  10. Chauvin Arnoux CA1110 Lightmeter

    The CA1110 lux meter measures the illuminance of all light sources (LED, Fluo. etc.) up to 200,000 lux in compliance with Class C of the NF C 42-710 standard.
    £245.00 excluding VAT £294.00 including VAT @ 20% Regular Price: £349.20
    • Android App Available
    • Backlit Display
    • LED and fluorescent compatible
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Items 1 to 10 of 63 total

ISSWWW have a selection of Chauvin Arnoux products, such as Microhmmeters, Earth Ground Clamp Meter and Range Earth Testers, for efficient and accurate measuring. Chauvin Arnoux is constantly developing and manufacturing portable measurement instrumentation for electrical tradesmen, installers, industries and administrations.