Chauvin Arnoux EEBS Package

The Chauvin Arnoux EEBS is everything you need in one box to identify and locate inefficient electrical equipment, unscheduled and out of hours energy leakage and much more.

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Chauvin Arnoux Complete Energy Efficiency Buniness Solution

Make your installation more energy efficient or expand your business to offer the service to others

Up to 20% of a business's energy costs are due to wasted energy*

Most losses occur because of:

  • inefficient electrical equipment
  • unscheduled /out of hours' energy use
  • thermal (heat) leakage

Undertake surveys to determine energy saving opportunities or perform short-term diagnostic monitoring for plant maintenance and expansion. Just two of the countless scenarios available to you using Chavin Arnoux's Complete Energy Efficiency Business Solution.

This new package has been put together utilising two of Chauvin Arnoux's most popular and trusted products. The PEL103 Power and Energy Logger is a power and energy measurement loggers for all electrical installations. The measurements are performed with 3 current sensors and voltage inputs.

They can be used to view all the electrical parameters and to take advantage of the measurement, energy metering and communication functions. They offer users all the necessary measurements for successful energy efficiency projects and monitoring of your electricity distribution system.

The Chauvin Arnoux C.A 1950 thermal imaging camera makes it very simple to perform your thermal inspections for your energy audit and ensures trouble-free industrial, electrical or mechanical maintenance. 

For electrical maintenance, the C.A 1950 can detect electrical equipment malfunctions, particularly abnormal heating, before a fault occurs, thus avoiding the considerable cost of halting production or carrying out repairs.

What's more, this package qualifies for 100% tax deduction on the Carbon Trust Energy Technology List
Please see more details at the bottom of the page. 

Who is the Chauvin Arnoux EEBS Solution For?

  • Facility Managers – for their own facilities.
  • Business owners – for their Facility Managers once they realise the savings they can make.
  • Colleges / Universities – for use in improving energy efficiency on their own campus and use on educational courses.
  • Electrical Contractors – to expand the scope of their business to offer to perform energy efficiency surveys and potentially quote for remedial/repair work.
  • Energy Surveyors – there are now businesses established for the sole purpose of performing energy surveys for 3rd party organisations.
  • Hire Centres – this type of product is ideal for hire, as smaller businesses may not see a permanent need for the product after they have established where their losses are and fixed them.

PEL103 Power and Energy Logger:

Ergonomic, magnetized and suitable for all types of cabinets, PEL103 loggers provide all the power and energy measurements simultaneously. Optimize your energy efficiency with PEL100 Power and Energy Loggers. Offering much more than simple energy metering, our PEL100 electrical measuring instruments record electrical consumption while measuring and analysing the power supplied.

PEL103 Power and Energy Logger enables you to monitor your installations in order to identify potential areas for improvement, optimize your energy performance and achieve significant savings. 

  • Single-phase, split-phase and three-phase installations with or without a neutral, as well as other complex configurations,
  • Implementation without cutting off the mains power supply,
  • Class 02 portable electricity meter,
  • Bluetooth, Ethernet and USB communication,
  • Automatic recognition of the sensors connected,
  • Recording on SD and SD-HC cards
  • Real-time communication with a PC and analysis using PEL Transfer

Measuring the savings:

The recordings made with PEL103 electrical measuring instrument are time and date-stamped. In this way, the gains achieved can be measured very simply by comparing the recordings before and after modifications to an installation. The analysis of the recordings made with the PEL103 before the modifications provides the period of reference. The various operations for maintenance, improvement of the electrical network and equipment, etc., can then be carried out. 

A correctly-positioned PEL103 will quickly help to spotlight the points where work is required, without wasting any time. A follow-up period will then enable you to determine whether the solutions implemented are sufficient and, in particular, to measure precisely the savings achieved. The PEL103 will then provide the data for comparison with the recordings from the period of reference. The DataView®analysis software can then be used to produce customized reports.

Predictive maintenance:

When installed for long periods as fixed instruments in cabinets, PEL100 loggers constantly monitor all the active, apparent and reactive power values on the electrical network. Any threshold overruns can then be detected instantly.

With the DataView® software for automatic generation and printing of reports, balance sheets, graphs and summaries, users can act quickly on the cause of this overconsumption , which will lead to higher bills. Indeed, any overruns of the subscribed power will lead to higher bills.


Key Features:

  • 0.2 % accuracy class
  • Measurement of power indices, PF, THD, hour meter, min/max, etc.
  • Measurement of all power values
  • Measurement from DC up to 400 Hz
  • Energy measurement and costing
  • Voltage up to 1,000 V
  • Communication via Ethernet, Bluetooth and SD card
  • Simple to set up without opening the electrical network
  • Configuration in record time
  • Recording on SD card

Spares & Accessories (Not Supplied):

  • Pole Mounting Kit P01102146
  • Reeling Box P01102149
  • Magnetised Voltage Probes P01103058Z
  • PEL* Bag no.23 120x300x60cm P01298078
  • PEL* Kit 4 crocodile clips & banana leads P01295476
  • PEL* Adapter to power PEL using Voltage inputs P01102134


Diacam 2 Thermal Imaging Camera:

Designed and developed for simplified use, it is ideal for all applications in the building,electrical maintenance and mechanical maintenance sector:
The C.A 1950 is a communicating camera which can recover the necessary measurements (current, etc.) from current clamps and multimeters via Bluetooth.
The camera records this information to an internal memory which can then be downloaded via USB to your PC or laptop.

Key Features:

  • Focus-free with 20° x 20° field of view 
  • Vocal annotations to record your comments directly on the image 
  • Connection to current clamps and multimeters: all the necessary measurements simultaneously
  • Exceptional 13-hour battery life 
  • Emissivity table which can be added to as required 
  • Possibility of renaming images and thermograms by site 
  • Recording and storage of the configurations according to the application (building, electrical cabinet, etc.)

For Buildings:

  • Thermal bridges 
  • Insulation faults on the exterior of a building 
  • Draught-proofing 
  • Presence of excessive humidity 
  • The C.A 1950 can also be used to search for water leaks and detect embedded or blocked pipes.


For Industrial Maintenance:

  • Faulty electrical contacts 
  • Unbalance 
  • Incorrect sizing For mechanical maintenance, the C.A 1950 is ideal, offering quick diagnostics thanks to:
    • detection of anomalies or malfunctions on internal components to prevent motor overheating
    • verification and inspections on the parts and mechanical assemblies such as: wear points, poor shaft alignment,


Carbon Trust    Carbon Trust Energy Technology List

Chauvin Arnoux PEL103 Power & Energy Logger
Installation Types  Single Phase, Split Phase, Three Phase with or without neutral
and many other specific configurations
Number of Channels 3 voltage inputs/ 3 current inputs
calculation of neutral current
Network Frequency DC, 50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz 
Voltage Range 10 to 1000V AC/DC/  ±0.2% + 0.5V 
Current Sensors Supported  
MN93 2 to 240A AC / ±1.2& + 1A 
MN93A 0.005A AC to 5A AC / ±1.2% + 2mA
0.1A AC to 120A AC / ±1.2% + 2mA
C193 3A to 1200A AC / ±0.5%
A193 & MA193 200mA to 10kA AC / ±1.2% + 70mA 
PAC93  10A to 1000A AC / ±1.7% + 1A
10A to 1400A AC / ±1.7% + 1A
E3N 50mA to 10A AC/DC / ±3.2% + 70mA
100mA to 100A AC/DC / ±3.2% + 70mA
Calculated Measurements  
Voltage Ratio / Current Ratio Up to 650000V / up to 25000A 
Power from 10W to 10GW / from 10 var to 10Gvar / from 10VA to 10GVA 
Energy Up to 4EWh / 4 Evarh / 4EVAh (e + 1018)
Phase Cos, tan, pf 
Harmonics Up to the 50th order 
Complementary Functions  
Phase Order
Mounting Magnet, Hook 
Sampling / Acquisition Rate / Aggregation 128S/period - 1 measurement per second - from 1 min to 60 min 
Memory SD card (SD-HC up to 32GB) 
Communication Bluetooth (Class 2), Ethernet, USB 
Power Supply 110V to 250V (+10% - 15%) @ 50-60Hz and 400Hz 
Safety IEC 61010 600V CAT IV - 1000V CAT III 
Mechanical Specifications  
Dimensions 256 x 125 x 37mm without sensor 
Weight 900g 
Casing IP54, UL (pending)


Chauvin Arnoux Diacam 2 Thermal Imaging Camera C.A 1950
Temperature Measurement Range -20 → +250 °C
Thermal Sensitivity 80mK
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±2 °C
Maximum Temperature Measurement +250 °C
Focus Type Fixed
Detector Resolution 80 x 80pixel
Minimum Focus 40 cm
Display Size 2.8in
Display Resolution 320 x 240pixel
Voice Recorder Yes
Application Building, Electrical Cabinet
Interface Type Bluetooth
Field of View 20 x 20°
Weight 700g
Horizontal Detector Resolution 320 pixel
Model Number C.A 1950
Vertical Field of View 20°
Dimensions 125 x 83 x 225mm
Height 225mm
Vertical Display Resolution 320pixel
Storage Media Micro SD Card
Vertical Detector Resolution 80pixel
Width 83mm
Horizontal Display Resolution 240pixel
Length 125mm
Horizontal Field of View 20°


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