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Calibration and repair


ISS calibrate all major brands of test equipment to current industry standards in our own laboratories, giving unequalled turnaround times.

Fully traceable to international standards and full calibration certification give you the peace of mind that your tester meets the current legislation. Please call for current prices and to discuss your specific requirements.


Our in-house repair service carries a comprehensive profile of spare parts, guaranteeing the fastest possible turnaround on your tester.

Whatever the manufacturer, ISS will provide a speedy quotation and estimate the time needed for repair and will not incur you in any unauthorised expense.

Our in-house technicians, backed by the ISS guarantee, ensure your meter will be up and running and as good as new in the fastest time possible.

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For calibration and repairs, please contact us at:

Instrument Sales and Services,
Unit A Frenbury Estate,
Hellesdon Park Road,
01603 406148

Calibration Voucher card is proud to offer our calibration voucher cards. These calibration voucher cards are given away on select products.

When you purchase any of our testers with the offer, you will be supplied with a free calibration voucher card. This card entitles you to a free calibration on any 17th edition electrical tester.

If you are wondering if your tester is included in this free calibration promotion, please contact us.

How to Claim Your Free Calibration:

  • Send your tester, the voucher card and your contact details to at our main office in Norwich. You can find our address under the contacts tab or below.
  • Your tester will be calibrated and returned free of charge.


The voucher card can only be redeemed by returning the physical card to us. Lost voucher cards cannot be redeemed under any circumstances.

Free Calibration vs. Paid Calibration

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is about calibration certificates.

People get confused when our website offers a free calibration certificate with a tester, but also the option to add a calibration certificate for a price.

Well I am here today to explain the difference and benefits of both.


First off, the free calibration certificate. This is also known as a statement of calibration or end of line calibration or certificate of conformity and many brand new testers come with one of these free certificates.

This is a standard certificate that states that your tester was working to specification when it left the manufacture’s factory most carry full test results.

In Fluke’s words “Fluke guarantees that at the time of test your instrument met its published specifications”

As the customer you validate the calibration by completing the commissioning date box using the date of purchase.

Again, in the words of Fluke “Because we use different delivery channels, you may have received a meter with a test certificate that is several weeks old. Our experience indicates the calibration of this product is not affected by storage prior to its initial receipt by the customer. Therefore, the recalibration of this unit should be based on when the product is put into service”.

This means that a free calibration certificate is valid for 12 months from receipt of purchase, not from when the manufacture initially tested it.


A calibration certificate that you pay for when buying a new tester is completely different. This service gives you a much more in-depth certificate.

The tester is booked into our system using the serial number, tested by instruments calibrated to national traceable standards, reference stickers are added and then the meter is shipped to you.

You end up with a traceable calibration certificate with full printed test results, along with the serial number and company details. The paid certificate also shows your own company details, who tested your meter, what conditions the calibration was performed under, the equipment used and any additional results found.

A lot of people need this sort of detailed certificate for their inspections, mainly due to the fact that the serial number and company can be tied in together to the tester. The reference sticker on the tester will also show the date calibrated and what date the calibration runs out, so you never get caught short just before inspection day.

So there we have it, a free calibration certificate is a perfectly legal calibration certificate which is valid from the date of purchase. A paid calibration certificate is a detailed inspection and calibration service with in-depth results and information.